• Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I pay my bill?

    There are several methods to make a payment. You can call our office and set up auto-pay, which will charge your credit card or debit card after each application is completed. The beginning of each year you will receive a prepay letter, which allows you to pay for all of your services for the upcoming year. If you choose to prepay you will receive a 5% discount, but you must submit payment by March 15th. Of course, you are more than welcome to send in a check payment with the invoice your Ryan Pro will leave on your door the day the application is completed. The Last method to use for payment is through your Online Account. By having an account you are able to pay by credit card after each application is completed and also set up auto-pay.

    Why do I have weeds in my lawn when I am on your standard program?

    There are many reasons weeds can pop up in your lawn. However, weed control is free for customers on our standard program. If weeds pop up between visits (we are on your property about every 6-10 weeks), call our office and we will have your Ryan Pro spot treat for weeds between applications.

    Why is my summer application more expensive than the others?

    The summer application (L034) is actually a combination of the summer fertilizer plus grub control. Because you are getting two applications, the price on your invoice is doubled. You can make arrangements to pay for the first half of the bill when you receive your invoice and pay the remaining balance within 30 days. Just call our office or speak with your Ryan Pro.

    Do you use liquid or granular applications?

    Most of our lawn applications will be granular. The only time we use a liquid application is during our second round of fertilization, which occurs around the month of April.

    Are the applications safe for my pets?

    It is very rare that any of our applications will have an ill affect on your pets. In fact, the product we use to control grubs is the same product as Advantage, used to control fleas on pets. However, your pets should remain off the lawn until any applied products are dry.

    How long should I wait after an application before my children or I can be on the lawn?

    You may walk on the lawn (with shoes) immediately, since most of our applications are granular. If it’s a liquid application, remain off the lawn until it is dry, normally 30-60 minutes. All treatments are safe after they are watered in.

    When is the first application?

    The first lawn application of the year is usually applied between February and March.

    Do you mow or provide leaf and snow removal?

    We do not provide these services at this time. However, we can refer you to mowers, landscapers and other service providers that we have found to do quality work. If you want one contact for all of your lawn care needs, we do work with several companies to provide this “one stop shop.”

    Where do you provide individual services?

    • Kansas City
    • St Louis
    • Lawrence, KS
    • Springfield, MO
    • Tulsa, OK
    • Wichita, KS