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How To Track Deer In Your Area

how-to-track-deerIf you live in or near a rural area, chances are there are deer living nearby. They may not venture directly into your yard too frequently, but they may be located within a few miles of your home either scouting for winter snacks or steering clear of traffic and hunters.

Even if you’re not interested in hunting them, deer can be a magnificent sight. To entice them closer to your area, there are a few steps you can take, such as making your home and yard as quiet as possible — since deer enjoy spending time in quiet, peaceful areas.

Next, entice deer with one or more snacks to keep them coming back repeatedly, such as corn or apples. Place a few of these items throughout your yard in quiet corners away from decks or areas that get heavy activity to ensure a better chance at success.

Finally, look for prints and other signs that indicate deer have been close by. The closer they get, the better chance you’ll have at seeing them on a regular basis.

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