Fallen Leaves Have Benefits

raking-your-leaves-and-what-to-do-with-themIt took you all day, but you’ve finally done it: you’ve raked all the leaves on your lawn into one heaping yet somehow tidy pile. But the moment of admiration for your work is short-lived as you begin to realize that you have no idea what to do with your massive collection of colorful tree parts. You could simply throw them away, but why not get some more mileage out of your hard work? There are numerous ways to make good use out of the leaves on your lawn, and below, we’ve listed a few of the possibilities:

Mow Them For Lawn Fertilizer

Mowing the leaves on your lawn is probably the easiest solution. Insert the mulch plug into your lawn mower, and shut the side discharge port. Then, simply mow your lawn as you would normally to cut the leaves into small pieces. Repeat the process once at right angles to your initial path to ensure that the leaves are cut finely. The nitrogen in the grass clippings mixed with the carbon of the leaf pieces will compost more quickly when they are mixed together.

Mulch Them Into Your Flower Beds

Finely chop up your leaves and place them in your flower beds as mulch. Installing a bag on your mower works well. Using your excess leaves as mulch can increase water retention, add vital nutrients to the soil, and sometimes suffocate unwanted weeds in your garden beds.

Add Them To Your Aquarium

If you have a fish tank at home, placing dead leaves in their water can help maintain a healthier environment for your aquatic pets. Dead leaves will release tannins into the water, lowering the pH level to more suitable levels. Dead leaves can also help fight bacteria and fungi, and can even absorb some of the heavy metals in the aquarium water. You can also place some at the bottom of your tank can help improve the health of newly acquired or sick fish. As an added bonus, many fish will even eat the leaves for a snack.

Donate Them

This one might seem a little odd, but it’s not uncommon to find a nearby neighbor or a friend on Facebook who is looking for extra leaves. Bag them up and connect with your social networks. You might be surprised by the demand!

Whether you need mulch, compost, or even a few materials for an art project, there are numerous practical and creative uses for your fall leaves. Just be sure you don’t let a blanket of leaves suffocate your lawn all winter!

Curious about the best ways to turn your fall leaves into fertilizer? Contact Ryan Lawn and Tree for expert advice from your trusted Ryan Pros.


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