Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer is here, which means the heatwaves are rolling in. It can be challenging to keep even the most robust lawn green under the blazing sun in 90+ degree temperatures. Make sure these hot, searing temperatures don’t cause your grass to wilt this summer with these four simple tips and tricks. Keep Your Mower Blades…

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Aeration Vs. Verticutting

With the arrival of seeding season it is important to understand the two most common terms used in the practice.  Aeration and verticutting are sometimes used independently and sometimes together in order to create beautiful lawns all over the country. Aeration: Core aeration takes place before the seed to your lawn is applied.  Without some…

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Weed Of The Day: Nutsedge

Weed: an undesirable plant growing in cultivated ground.  Nutsedge fits this description for the average homeowner (unless of course you decided to grow a yard of nutsedge).  As you can see from the picture above, nutsedge has a triangular shaped, yellow blade that grows much quicker than the average lawn.  The tall height of the…

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