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Lawn care

Our turf managers have the education and experience necessary to enable them to provide the best service for your lawn. Our lawn care service includes early and late spring applications to help prevent grassy weeds in addition to broadleaf weed control throughout the summer months. Read more.

Irrigation services

Your Ryan Pro can set up an irrigation system and conduct a summer inspection and/or adjustment, along with winterization. Some cities require a backflow test to make sure your system is operating at an optimal level year round; we can provide that service for you. Read more.

Tree and shrub care

We provide pruning and tree cutting services for large trees and shrubs, and removal of tree stumps, as well as insect and disease control treatments. For mulching the areas around your landscape, we offer our Ryan’s Country Mulch, made from our pruning operation byproducts. Read more.

Emerald Ash Borer treatment

Over the last few years, Emerald Ash Borer has been discovered in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Our EAB treatment includes three different plant protection products in order to treat the tree before larvae have had a chance to bore throughout the trunk. Read more.

Perimeter Pest Control

Our effective and very popular perimeter pest control service provides you with year-long protection against pesky bugs and insects. Treatments will reduce the number of insects found in and around your home. Read more.

Mosquito Guard

This new Mosquito Guard program is a service that provides a barrier around your home against potentially disease harboring mosquitoes. The amount of applications applied depends on the severity of the mosquito population around your home. Each treatment is guaranteed to last four weeks and can be scheduled for up to seven applications during the year. Read more.


Ryan Lawn & Tree is employee owned, meaning a percentage of the company is returned to our associates each year, making every Ryan Pro and staff member a partner. We hire only the best to ensure our service remains at the high level we strive to provide.

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Green lawn with flowers and shrubs

On the surface, lawn aeration seems to be a relatively straightforward process – someone runs aeration equipment over your lawn, pulling out cores of soil to provide greater aeration and drying of your lawn.

Lawn Seeding & Overseeding Services

Ryan’s Lawn Care Professionals will seed your lawn in areas where growth is diminished, while also advising you on ways to improve grass growth in those areas.

Our overseeding services can be applied to your whole lawn, or portions of your lawn where your lawn is compromised.

Overseeding can also be added as part of our lawn care service program, ensuring your lawn is being replenished with plenty of seed each year.

But Ryan’s Power Core Aeration is different:

  • First, Ryan’s Lawn Care professionals will power core your lawn without doing damage to the grass or tearing up areas of sod that will take weeks to grow back.
  • Second, we combine our core aeration program with our other lawn care services, providing maximum benefit to your lawn.
  • Third, after power coring your lawn, we then overseed your lawn, encouraging recovery and adding more grass to your lawn.
Core aeration allows more air and water into your turf's compacted soil. An aerated lawn grows healthier, longer roots.

Verticutting – What is It?

Verticutting is a process that involves vertical mowing of your lawn to remove thatch buildup. Removing the thatch allows your lawn to breathe more easily, while also better absorb nutrients and water.

After verticutting, the treated area is then raked and overseeded.

Lawn Aeration and Seeding/Overseeding are part of

Ryan’s Comprehensive Lawn Care Services that lead to a healthy, lush lawn all year long.

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