Ash Borer Treatment

The ash borer threat is real. Typically the size of a penny head and bullet shaped, the emerald ash borer, often abbreviated to EAB, is an invasive species of beetle boring in ash trees across the United States. There are an estimated 8 billion ash trees in the United States, of which EAB has already destroyed between 150 million and 200 million.

It is estimated that in about eleven years, EAB will effectively wipe out an entire population of ash trees in a small to medium-sized town.

Emerald Ash Borer Locations

Ash Borer Prevention

Ryan Lawn & Tree makes use of three different plant protection products in order to protect your ash trees from EAB. Because each of these products is effective at different times of year, Ryan Lawn & Tree creates a customized schedule to maximize effectiveness. If a tree is properly protected or receives treatment early, the success rate is incredibly high. The idea is to treat the tree before larvae have had a chance to bore throughout the trunk.

Control & Management

In case your tree does become infested with EAB, it is important to note that the condition can be effectively managed, and we can save your tree in most cases. While EAB was just recently discovered in the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area, experts speculate that it has likely already been in the area for five to six years. EAB was found in St. Charles County in Spring of 2014 along with the city of St. Louis in 2015. Control is crucial to prevent the spread of EAB to other Midwest cities.

Protecting your trees from the Emerald Ash Borer

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By looking at the picture above you can see the Ash trees on the left are much fuller and healthier than the ones on the right. The ash trees on the left have been treated for the EAB. If you choose not to protect your ash tree it will look similar to the trees depicted in the photo. At that point it is too late to save the tree and the next step is to have it be removed. Treatment for an ash tree is a simple process that involves an injection into the trees trunk and is done in a matter of minutes. The treatment will protect the tree for two years, and will then need to be injected again.

Dr. Rodney Talks About the Emerald Ash Borer

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