Leaf Clean-up & Removal

Don’t spend countless hours cleaning up your leaves. Instead, sit back and let our RYAN Pros do the hard work for you. We provide leaf pick-up and removal services to keep your landscape looking its very best.

Fall Leaf Clean Up

You invest a lot into your yard. Don’t let leaves diminish the return.


Leaves left on your yard during the Fall and Winter months will negatively impact the health, growth, and beauty of your yard in the Spring. Plus, heavy leaves left on your flower beds and lawn promote pests and diseases.


Don’t worry about getting rid of your leaves; RYAN Lawn & Tree provides Fall leaf clean-up and removal services across our service area . Contact us to schedule your leaf pick-up today.

Our Customers Think We're Awesome

“RYAN’s service is the BEST! The employees do their work with care for the service provided and for the customer, always writing a personal note. Appreciate your professionalism! Thanks RYAN!”

Bill C. Olathe | KS