Sprinkler on lawn

Your irrigation system should be saving you money, not wasting it! Old irrigation systems or those without the proper technology and equipment can end up costing you money when you expect them to help you save a few bucks. Instead of living with an old system, why not upgrade to a newer, better system that will actually allow you to save some cash?

Pressure Regulated Sprinkler Heads

Too much pressure or not enough pressure is the number-one reason water is wasted. Typically, homeowners can save one gallon of water per minute by upgrading to pressure regulated sprinkler heads. This could mean a 30% reduction in water bills by upgrading your sprinkler system.

Pressure regulated heads eliminate this waste by reducing misting or fogging that may occur in these situations. Next time you run your system, take a closer look. Properly functioning sprinkler heads should spray large droplets of water. Pressure regulated heads mimic natural rainfall, and water slower than traditional heads.

WiFi Controller

Do you want a perfectly watered lawn in addition to saving time and money? Consider installing a WiFi smart controller that automatically adjusts to your local weather conditions. Input key factors such as soil type, slope of your yard, plant material, and allowed watering days for the most accurate watering of your lawn and landscape possible. With an app on your smart phone you can make adjustments from home, work, or the road.  Using predictive weather triggers you can make your system adjust automatically to the weather conditions as the seasons change.

Rain Sensor

If you prefer a more hands-on approach to operating your irrigation system, install a rain sensor to a new or existing controller. A rain sensor gives you the added benefit of automatically overriding your program settings by shutting down the controller during periods of rain, and turning it on again once the rain has passed. The module also allows you to bypass its automatic shut-off if you desire to water even after it rains.

Poor Head Spacing/Coverage

A properly designed system can save 10-30% compared to improperly designed systems. Poor coverage due to improper head spacing results in over-watering areas to compensate for areas that tend to stay dry, wasting large amounts of water.


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