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In 1987, Ryan Lawn & Tree began offering the highest quality lawn care to our customers. When you partner with Ryan Lawn & Tree, your Ryan Pro will evaluate your grass and trees, make suggestions and help you create a beautiful green lawn you love.

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Our Ryan Pro drivers provide services to the residents of Christian County, Greene County, and the surrounding area of Springfield, Missouri.

We provide lawn care, tree and shrub care, irrigation, pruning, perimeter pest control and mosquito control services to Springfield area residents.

Lawn care

Our Ryan Pros are educated and have experience in treating all types of lawn, tree, shrub, and irrigation system problems. Your lawn may need fall fertilization and/or winterization; we can provide you with those services to ensure your grass grows green earlier in the spring. Additionally, we provide grub control, seeding, bug barrier, winter lime and flea and tick control services. Read more.

Irrigation services

The same Ryan Pro will work with you for every step of an irrigation system installation or fix. We can visit several times throughout the year to maintain optimal system performance as well as winterization. Read more.

Tree and shrub care

We provide fertilization of newly planted trees, along with pruning and removal services for large trees, shrubs and stumps. Your Ryan Pro is well versed in treatments protecting against insects and diseases, and can provide you with our dark brown mulch; made from our pruning operation byproducts. Read more.

Perimeter Pest Control

Our effective perimeter pest control treatment can ensure that your home remains insect and bug free all year long. This four-treatment service is spread from April thru October, reducing the number of insects in your home such as ants, millipedes, centipedes, cockroaches, etc. Read more.

Mosquito Guard

This new Mosquito Guard program is a service that provides a barrier around your home against potentially disease harboring mosquitoes. The amount of applications applied depends on the severity of the mosquito population around your home. Each treatment is guaranteed to last four weeks and can be scheduled for up to seven applications during the year. Read more.


We hire only the best because Ryan Lawn & Tree is employee owned, meaning a percentage is returned to our associates each year. We want to make sure you get the best quality service from our Ryan Pros and staff.

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