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Larry Ryan created Ryan Lawn & Tree in 1987, and the company has continued to emphasize the importance of customer service and lawn care as we have grown throughout the years. We partner with our customers to determine the right course of action to make their lawns the talk of the town.

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Tulsa Available Services

The Ryan Pros in the red trucks service the Tulsa, Oklahoma, counties of Osage, Wagoner, Tulsa and the surrounding area.

We help residents with lawn care as well as tree and shrub maintenance. In addition, we provide irrigation, pruning, perimeter pest control and mosquito control services in Tulsa.

Tulsa has a much warmer climate than our other service areas. As a result, our irrigation service focuses mainly on adjustment and maintenance, with no winterization or activation services provided.

Lawn Care

Whether you need Sahara Bermuda Grass, Celebration Bermuda Grass, Zenith Zoysia, Emerald Zoysia, Zeon Zoysia or Empire Zoysia maintenance, your Ryan Pro can help make your lawn beautiful and healthy. The same lawn expert will work with you each time we talk and suggest the best options for treating your lawn. Read more.

In Tulsa, our lawn care program includes spring, summer and fall fertilizer treatments, along with soil testing and disease control treatments.


Irrigation Services

We provide irrigation system adjustments to maintain a healthy lawn all year long. If any issue arises, your Ryan Pro will work with you to determine the cause and fix it as quickly as possible. Read more.

Tree & Shrub Care

In addition, we service your trees, shrubs and stumps, with our pruning and removal options. Our Ryan Pros are well versed in insect and disease control for crabapples, hawthorns, pines and all other trees growing in Tulsa. Read more.

Perimeter Pest Control

We also offer services in perimeter pest control, an effective treatment plan involving four applications that keeps bugs and insects out of your home all year long. Read more.

Mosquito Guard

This new Mosquito Guard program is a service that provides a barrier around your home against potentially disease harboring mosquitoes. The amount of applications applied depends on the severity of the mosquito population around your home. Each treatment is guaranteed to last four weeks and can be scheduled for up to seven applications during the year. Read more.


As an employee-owned company, Ryan Lawn & Tree returns a percentage of the company to our Ryan Pros and staff each year. This puts an emphasis on our hiring process to find the best people to service your lawn.

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