Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems

Having a landscape that is healthy and lush typically involves providing regular watering of your lawn and surrounding plants, especially in areas where precipitation amounts are not steady.

Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems

The Sprinkler & Irrigation professionals at Ryan Lawn & Tree offer 3 services to keep your landscaping well-watered and healthy:

  1. Irrigation Installation
  2. Irrigation Maintenance & Repair
  3. Remodeling & Upgrading Your Existing Irrigation System

Irrigation Installation

Sprinkler Installation

Your Ryan professionals will install your new irrigation system to include the following:

  • to maximize efficiency, your lawn is broken down into different watering zones
  • while minimizing damage to your lawn, pipe is run out of the main water line of your house, extending to each zone
  • zones are designed to operate at optimal pressure and flow rate, to improve the performance of your system and ensure it will work great for years to come
  • our designs incorporate head-to-head spacing so there is proper distribution of water, providing optimal coverage to every inch of your lawn
  • we also incorporate rain sensors into your system, so that your landscape only gets the water it needs when it needs it
  • a control box goes into your garage, giving you control over your system – it can even be controlled through your smart phone from any location!

Sprinkler Maintenance & Repair

We provide maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of existing irrigation systems, regardless of the brand or age of your existing system. When examining your current system we will check for:

  • standard spring maintenance includes manually cycling through all your system zones to ensure that all zones are pressuring properly
  • we also check and adjust heads to ensure proper operation
  • we check for leaks, coverage issues and ways to make your system more efficient
  • finally, we can winterize your system to ensure no damage occurs from freezing water during the winter months

Your Ryan Pro will then discuss any repairs and the associated costs, scheduling a follow-up visit if necessary to complete the work.

After this, we will inspect your system as frequently or as infrequently as you like – to make your system all you need it to be.

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Remodeling & Upgrading Your Existing Irrigation Systems

Your Ryan Pro can turn your water-wasting irrigation system into a money saver in many ways, including:

  • Adding Pressure Regulated Heads – homeowners can save one gallon of water per minute by upgrading to pressure regulated heads – meaning a 30% reduction in water bills
  • Installing a Wi-Fi Smart Controller – to automatically adjust your watering to your local weather conditions
  • Adding a Rain Sensor – to override your program settings by shutting off during periods of rainfall
  • Adding & Adjusting Head Spacing – this allows for even and thorough watering coverage without wasting water – saving between 10-30% of water usage
  • Installing additional Pipe and Heads to Improve Coverage – this may be the best solution for a poorly-designed system that is not delivering water to the areas you need.

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