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Mosquito Guard

Shield your loved ones from mosquitoes with RYAN Lawn & Tree’s Mosquito Guard program. With this program, your property will be protected from these pests – and the harmful diseases they carry. We proudly offer mosquito control services and mosquito treatments in Kansas City, Overland Park, Springfield, Tulsa, and St. Louis, MO.

Avoid Mosquitoes Disrupting Your Backyard

Would you like to relax in your backyard without mosquitoes constantly attacking you? Are you concerned about the diseases transmitted by mosquitoes to people and pets? Are you planning a graduation party, a neighborhood get-together, a cookout, or any outdoor event in your yard – but don’t want to invite mosquitoes? Our mosquito control & treatment program available in parts of Kansas, Missouri & Oklahoma can help!

About Our Mosquito Guard Program

RYAN Lawn & Tree’s Mosquito Guard is here to the rescue! If you live in the Kansas City, Tulsa, Springfield, or St. Louis areas, our Mosquito Guard program lets you stay ahead of the mosquitoes – eliminating them before they get a foothold in your yard.


Our Mosquito Guard is 100% safe for people and pets – and it is environmentally safe.

We take care to apply treatments to areas that affect the mosquito life cycle, carefully avoiding flowering plants, flowers in bloom, and other plants that are sensitive to the mosquito treatment application.

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“RYAN Lawn always does a fantastic job and the employees couldn't be better to work with. From the communication to the helpfulness they bring to the table, it makes for a great customer experience.”

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