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Lawn Growth Regulator

Do you struggle to find the time to mow your lawn regularly? Are you tired of working during your downtime instead of relaxing outside while the weather is pleasant?


A growth regulator slows the growth of your grass, so less maintenance is required to keep your lawn in great shape. Save yourself time and effort while getting a beautiful, healthier lawn. Less time spent mowing means you can spend more time enjoying your lawn.

Spend Less Time Mowing Your Grass

A RYAN Pro can help reduce the amount of time you spend mowing the grass! Applying a turf growth regulator does not eliminate the need to mow your lawn, but it does cut back on the frequency to keep your yard tidy.


It’s recommended that you remove only one third of the grass blade at each mowing, so plan accordingly. You can expect to mow about once per week to keep your grass at the right height and health while using a growth regulator. After you mow, you will notice fewer lawn clippings that require bagging and disposal.

Advantages of Grass Growth Reducers

RYAN’s application of a grass growth reducer has many benefits for homeowners looking to control grass growth. These are the top reasons to start using a growth regulator:

  • Grass that is a richer, vibrant green
  • Dense lawns may help prevent weed growth
  • Deeper roots for stronger grass that requires less water
  • Thicker and denser lawn
  • Healthier lawn that is resilient and resistant to drought
  • Fewer clippings and less bagging
  • Increased leisure time

No harmful environmental effects. There are no downsides to the use of a growth regulator. RYAN’s growth regulator has been carefully developed using the newest technology and strict safety measures to create a high-performance product.

Applying a Growth Regulator to Your Lawn

It is a simple process for your RYAN Pro to apply a growth regulator to your turf. The solution will be sprayed on your lawn to achieve maximum coverage.


The RYAN growth regulator does not prevent disease or control weeds. However, the timing of this application is similar to our Round 2 Spring Weed Control Service, so they are sometimes combined into 1 treatment mix.

When to Apply Lawn Mowing Reducer Treatment

A growth reducer treatment is best applied during the peak periods of rapid growth. Your RYAN Pro will apply the treatment in the early spring months to effectively reduce the speed of growth and cut back on mowing frequency and clipping yield. An additional application in early fall is also helpful.


It’s during these times that grass grows so quickly that you could find yourself mowing every three days! A professional consultation by RYAN can help you pinpoint the exact times and frequencies of your applications to achieve maximum results.

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