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Irrigation Maintenance & Repairs

Keep your irrigation system running its very best with sprinkler system repair and maintenance from the Pros at Ryan Lawn & Tree. No matter the brand of your current lawn irrigation system, we can troubleshoot any problems and provide expert repairs needed.

 Sprinkler System Preventive Maintenance

Irrigation system maintenance takes more than just turning off the water to the shut-off valve. You should have your irrigation system inspected by a technician at least once a year for optimal performance. A RYAN Pro can keep your system running efficiently while also repairing issues before becoming more extensive and more expensive to fix.

  • Seasonal Maintenance — Standard spring maintenance includes manually cycling through all your lawn sprinkler’s system zones to ensure that all zones are pressuring properly.
  • Check & Adjust Sprinkler Heads —  We will check and adjust heads to ensure proper operation and install any new sprinkler heads, as needed.
  • System Efficiency —  We check for leaks, coverage issues and ways to make your system more efficient.
  • Winterization —  We can winterize your sprinkler system using the blow-out method to ensure no damage occurs from freezing water left during the winter months.

Sprinkler System Repairs

If you notice a leak, damaged sprinkler head, low pressure, or malfunctioning controls, contact RYAN Lawn & Tree today. Our trained irrigation technicians will be able to diagnose the problem, identify the best solution, and make the necessary repairs so that your irrigation system gets back to normal operation.

Irrigation Backflow Preventer Testing

Some municipalities require that a professional conduct annual testing of their irrigation backflow preventers. A backflow preventer is a device that prevents the water supply in your irrigation system from coming back into your home and contaminating your drinking water. If you received a backflow notice or want your backflow tested, contact RYAN Lawn & Tree today. One of our professionally licensed testers will test your backflow, perform any necessary repairs, and send your results to your water purveyor.

How To Turn Off The Water To Your Lawn Sprinkler System

Knowing how to quickly shut off your lawn sprinkler’s water supply is crucial, especially during lawn irrigation emergencies. This skill guards against water waste, flooding, and property damage. Whether facing leaks, malfunctions, or weather shifts, stopping water flow swiftly prevents harm and repairs. Stopping the water flow avoids mess and yard damage from burst pipes or sprinkler issues, acting as a safety button. Learning this skill saves trouble and preserves your lawn’s health.

Winterize Your Sprinkler System

Before the temperatures drop consistently below freezing, be sure to winterize your irrigation system. Most irrigation systems need the water blown out with compressed air before winter hits so that it does not freeze and crack or break your system’s pipes. If you have an above-ground system with exposed pipes, winterize before mid-November. Below-ground systems should be winterized by Dec. 10.  Some water-conserving systems even prevent leftover water from draining away. If you are new to a property with a sprinkler system or need help protecting your investment, contact us. 

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