Having a landscape that is healthy and lush typically involves providing regular watering of your lawn and surrounding plants, especially in areas where precipitation amounts are not steady. Trust RYAN Lawn & Tree to design, install, and maintain your sprinkler and irrigation system.

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For over 30 years, RYAN Lawn & Tree has been improving the health of lawns throughout Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma by installing and maintaining irrigation systems. Our team of certified backflow testers, irrigation auditors, and technicians have deep experience and training on properly maintaining and repairing sprinkler systems, ensuring your system provides reliable, dependable performance all season long.

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It’s important that you know the different types available to meet the needs of different lawns. Download our free guide to choosing the right irrigation system for your lawn.
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"We just moved into a house and the sprinkler system would not turn on. Ended up being an easy fix but I was glad the guy came anyway. The previous home owners were watering too much and too often. He got my system programmed better and fixed a few heads, so they sprayed in a better location.”

Nicole Kauffman | Google Review