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Fungus & Disease Control

Noticing brown spots in sections of your otherwise healthy yard? It could be the sign that a fungus or turfgrass disease is attacking your lawn. Turn to the RYAN Pros to identify and treat your specific issue.

How to Identify Lawn Disease

Turf diseases almost always first appear as a brown ring or spot in a relatively healthy, green patch of grass. Diseases can appear in your lawn at different times of the year depending upon the type of grass you have.  The diseases that attack cool season lawns like tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass are worse during the late spring and summer months (May, June, July and Aug). Whereas the diseases that attack warm season grasses like bermudagrass and zoysiagrass appear in the lawn during the cool months of the fall and spring (Sep, Oct Nov and Feb, Mar April). Most of these diseases are intensified when the lawn has excessive moisture from rain or irrigation.


There are a wide variety of turfgrass diseases and correct identification can be hard.  Not every brown spot or brown area in a lawn is caused by a disease.  Many things can cause brown areas in the lawn, heat, drought, shade, dogs, traffic, soil issues, root zone issues, herbicides, etc.  It can be difficult to determine the difference between a fungal disease and some other problem that is causing your damage to your lawn. Your RYAN Pro will be able to help you determine what is causing your lawn to decline and develop a solution for you.

Common Lawn Diseases

In our area, the most common turfgrass diseases we treat are Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, and Pythium Blight. Other common diseases in the area are Summer Patch, Zoysia Patch, Spring Dead Spot, Leaf Spot, Rust, Powdery Mildew and Fairy Ring. Our highly trained Turf Managers can quickly help you identify the problem and prescribe the proper corrective measures.

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