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PestGuard Packages

What good is a beautiful lawn if bugs and pests keep you from enjoying it? Our RYAN Pros are the very best at eliminating nasty critters that enjoy chewing on your lawn, shrubs and trees. Let us take care of removing those annoying pests that see you as a snack.

Residential Pest Packages


Protect your home from invading pests with our affordable PestGuard program. PestGuard keeps your family safe with the following:

  • Home Insect Barrier: Spiders, Ants, Roaches
  • Rodent Guard: Mice & Rats
  • 6 visits per year - done every other month
  • Treatments done spring through fall to prevent infestations of insects and spiders
  • Child and pet safe rodent bait stations on perimeter of home for mice and rats
  • Meadow vole burrow baiting throughout property as needed

PestGuard Pro

Receive all of the benefits of the standard PestGuard program while reclaiming your outdoor environment from mosquitoes. PestGuard Pro offers:

  • All of our services offered with PestGuard
  • Home Insect Barrier
  • Rodent Guard
  • Mosquito Control
  • Monthly visits starting in May targeting mosquitoes in your landscape
  • 3 Bonus visits, totaling 9 visits throughout the year

PestGuard Plus

Receive all of Ryan’s best pest control programs with this all encompassing program. Our PestGuard Plus program provides:

  • All services offered with PestGuard Pro
  • Home Insect Barrier
  • Rodent Guard
  • Mosquito Control
  • Flea and Tick Control
  • Complete Home Protection
  • Bonus Service: Mole control* (as needed)

PestGuard Packages: Available Year-Round Protection

We offer our four most popular home pest control services into year-round programs. Bundling saves you money while protecting your family and home from over 50 different unwanted pests.

  • Home Insect Barrier – No more Spiders, Ants & Roaches creeping into your home.
  • Rodent Guard – Year-round Mice & Rat control. INCLUDED with PestGuard ($300 Value) 
  • Mosquito Control – Enjoy your blooming landscape without pesky blood feeders.
  • Flea and Tick Control – Keep your furry friends happy & disease free.

PestGuard keeps your home and yard pest free so you can enjoy Summer indoors or out.

Best-in-class Pest Experts in Town!

Our technicians are professionally trained, and briefed every week to stay on top of industry standards and safe practices to deliver premium results. A certified Ryan Pest Control Pro can free your outdoor oasis from ants and spiders, fleas and ticks, rodents, mosquitos, and more.


Unlike other companies, our employee-owner Pest Control Pros are cross-trained in plant science to ensure your beautiful landscape stays livable. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

  • People & Pet Safe. 
  • Guaranteed Service, FREE Service Calls.
  • Eaves, Sweep & Dust, for the Win!

Rodent Guard INCLUDED with any PestGuard Package

Rodents are increasingly active this time of year, always searching for ways into your home for food and safety. In addition to being highly intrusive, rodents breed at a rapid pace, making their presence even more destructive.


The best way to protect your family from these disease-carrying pests is RYAN’s Rodent Guard Program!

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