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10 Gift Ideas For Lawn & Landscape Lovers

Looking for the perfect gift for your green-thumb friend or family member? It may seem easy to rush to your local gardening store and pick up a potted plant. However, settling for something as standard as a pre-growing plant may seem disingenuous.presents-on-lawn

You need to skip the gardening gnome and look for a gift that your loved one will use and appreciate. With hundreds of lawn care products available, it can be difficult to pick the right one.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of thoughtful and affordable gift ideas that can help you pick the perfect present for any budget. Here are ten gardening gift ideas from under $25 to over $500.

Garden Gloves

lawn-garden-gloves-imageWe know what you are thinking, ” Gloves, really?” And yes, gardening gloves are an excellent gift for any lawn enthusiast. It may sound cheesy, but gloves are a must-have item for anyone working out in their lawn. Garden gloves provide many benefits including protecting your hands when trimming thorny shrubs, preventing blisters, and keeping your hands warm and clean.

As less thought is given to them, garden gloves are often missing from the Christmas shopping basket. You may also be surprised by how quickly people lose their gloves. A pair of nitrile gardening gloves can protect that special someone while allowing them to feel and touch their work. You can choose from various sizes, materials, and colors.

If your green-thumbed friend or family member keeps on misplacing their gardening gloves or if they just need a new pair, this gift choice is an affordable stocking stuffer. Good pairs can be found at your local hardware store for under $25, making them an excellent, affordable present.

Lawn Aerator Shoes

lawn-aerator-shoesAeration is vital for a healthy grass lawn. A pair of lawn aerator shoes provide a more affordable solution to your soil compacting problem. Simply strap a pair on and there’s no need to rent expensive aeration equipment.

Aerator shoes have spikes underneath the sole, allowing a gardener to make tiny holes in the ground by simply walking around. Poking holes on compacted soil increases water and oxygen flow to the plant roots, creating healthy and lush grass.

The shoes are easy to slip on, fitting underneath the garden boots. Your green-thumb friend can aerate the soil whenever they work on their lawn or landscaping. An added benefit to wearing the aerators around the backyard is the extra stability they provide across slick surfaces.

Stand-Up Weed Puller

stad-up-weed-puller-imageA stand-up weed puller is a traditional gardening tool much appreciated by older gardeners and those with back or joint issues. This handy tool has many variations, but all function similarly by allowing you to stand back and pull weeds comfortably. Gardeners typically use it to remove common lawn weeds such as dandelions and thistles from their yards.

A stand-up weed puller grabs weeds deep down to their roots before pulling them out. Your avid gardener friend can use the tool to take control of the weeds destroying their yard or flower garden without bending over. The adjustable height allows for easier weed removal without straining the back or knees.

Stand-up weeders also prevent herbicide use to eliminate the weeds, allowing your loved one to practice organic lawn care. This moderately-priced tool is an excellent gift choice for well-seasoned gardeners in your life.

Leaf Blower

leaf-blower-imageLeaf blowers are a terrific gift for your green-thumbed loved one or friend, allowing quick and easy clean-ups after mowing. A leaf blower can also be convenient when gathering leaves and twigs together during autumn.

There are various types of leaf blowers, typically classified according to the power source. A cordless leaf blower is battery-powered, allowing the gardener to move leaves without worrying about tripping over power chords. However, the tradeoff is a limited battery life, with the unit requiring frequent recharge when not in use.

For avid gardeners with large lawns, you can opt for a gas-powered unit or corded electric leaf blower. Most leaf blowers are moderately-priced gifts that can save your loved one tens of hours that they could have used in manually picking or raking their leaves.

Zero-Gravity Lounge Chair

lawn-chair-imageThe zero-gravity lounge chair is a unique piece of furniture that will leave your green-thumbed friend or family member smiling. This unique porch chair features an ergonomic design that suspends the body as one sits, creating a weightless sensation.

The chair is a perfect gift for gardeners who wish to relax outside after a long day in the yard or admire the greenery of their landscape. Some models feature convenient additions including detachable trays with cups and phone holders.

The lounge chair typically has padded seating and a removable pillow for lumbar and head support. Your loved one can relax or enjoy the landscape on a super comfortable recliner seat. Your elderly loved one who suffers from leg or foot swellings may appreciate it more.

The zero-gravity patio chair is an excellent gift idea for less than $100.

Robot Lawn Mower

robot-lawn-mower-imageIs your lawn lover falling behind on their mowing duties? Are you tired of watching your loved one mow under the hot sun? A robotic lawn mower may be the ideal gift for your green-thumbed friend or family member.

The evolution of lawn-mowing technology has come a long way, from the early days of rotary, motorless blades to gasoline-powered and electric units with customizable blade-cutting patterns.

Machine learning now supports the deployment of robotic lawn mowers, which are gaining popularity day by day. You only need to lay out a boundary wire and measure the lawn size with an integrated app; the fully-automated machine will do the rest.

Robot lawn mowers are available in different sizes and can work on gradients of up to 20 degrees. The instruction manuals are easy to understand, making it easy for less tech-savvy green thumbs to use. While the robotic lawn mower may be highly-priced, it can be a perfect time saver for your on-the-go landscaping lover. Automated mowing can keep the lawn looking healthy and neat.

WiFi Smart Weather Station

home-weather-stationWeather reports from downloaded apps can have significant discrepancies from the actual conditions you experience as the reference stations are typically miles away from your location. You can save your landscaping lover the headache of inaccurate weather reports by gifting them a wifi home weather station.

An intelligent home weather station is a perfect gift for tech-savvy nature lovers. The technology features an easy-to-read LCD color display that allows your loved one to keep an eye on weather conditions. They can receive a live data feed for various conditions:

  • Indoor/outdoor temperature
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Rainfall
  • UV index
  • Solar radiation
  • Dew point
  • Barometric pressure
  • Humidity, among others.

Your lawn lover can effectively plan for their mowing, seeding, fertilizing, transplanting, or professional lawn care services through the information acquired from the smart weather station. An integrated app can help monitor weather conditions remotely.

New Grill or Smoker

Barbecue grillIf your green-thumbed loved one is the type to throw weekend barbecues or cookouts in their backyard, a grill or smoker set is the perfect gift. Enjoying smoked meat or veggies is a perfect way to relax and bild family or neighborly bonds.

You can choose the preferred grill or smoker from a variety of options available, depending on the fuel type and material used. Pellet (wood), propane, natural gas, electric, and charcoal grills are the most common. Each has their own benefits, and the type to buy depends on your friend or loved one’s interests.

Consider picking stainless steel products over aluminum, as stainless steel is more corrosion-resistant. While this gift type is moderately expensive, it is a fantastic way to support your loved one’s hobby and promises them a fantastic return.

Outdoor grilling activities can increase the presence of yard pests as you carry the food in and out of the home. You can consider including the Ryan Lawn & Tree PestGuard Plus program in your gift bundle, solving the lawn pest problem for your friend or family.

Landscape Makeover

outside-fire-place-landscapingIf your loved one’s garden or yard is messy, you can consider organizing a complete landscape makeover. Landscaping companies, including us at Ryan Lawn & Tree, can help redesign their landscape, breathing new life into the brown turf.

RYAN provides customized landscaping services, including design, tree planting, drainage solutions, lighting, and hardscaping. You can transform your lawn or that of your green-thumbed friend, reigniting your loved ones’ passion for the outdoors.

Lawn Care Subscription

manicured-lawn-and-flower-bedAnother awesome gift idea is to buy a lawn care subscription package for your loved one. Whether it’s your recently moved son-in-law who is having trouble with the upkeep, or your daughter who is busy with her kids but wants to keep her flowerbeds looking nice, a lawn care subscription can be the perfect gift.

Lawn care companies such as Ryan Lawn & Tree can provide tailored services, allowing your green-thumbed loved ones to focus on their lives. Our or any company’s lawn care experts will provide services such as weeding, mulching, mowing, pest control, aeration, seeding, and soil analysis. Professional lawn maintenance will keep turfgrass healthy and lush throughout the year so your loved ones can relax.

Wrapping Up

The variety of products on the store shelves can complicate your search for a gift for your favorite lawn loving person. Luckily, you can find the perfect gift for them using this list as an inspiration.

Ryan Lawn & Tree offers several services including pest control, landscaping, and lawn care that can be a great gift to share with a loved one. We can create customized plans allowing you to support their passion.

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