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10 Ways to Enjoy Family Fun this Fall

RYAN’s guide for unique ways to enjoy the season

The colors of fall are always gorgeous and it can be a busy season with many activities that keep both RYAN pros and your whole family busy. In fact, it can be so busy we sometimes forget to slow down and enjoy the times that provide simple yet meaningful fun. At RYAN Lawn & Tree, we keep a busy fall schedule of lawn and tree fertilizing, tree pruning and installing outdoor lighting, but we also know how important it is to spend time with our families.  

Here is a list of simple activities we love to do with our families in the fall! We hope they will help you savor every moment of the season. Take a step back from the busyness and make some time for fall. 

Here are our suggestions for fun fall memory-making moments:

  1. Pick apples from an apple orchard. Apples are a fixture of the season, and you might find some of the most delicious are the ones you pick yourself. Consider taking it up a notch and planting your own apple tree in your backyard and then you won’t have to go very far in the future to find fresh apples.
  2. Play flashlight tag in a corn maze. Corn mazes are a season favorite, and flashlight tag is always fun. Why not combine the two? It’s bound to be a fun experience involving some exercise and competition.
  3. Take photos of the beautiful fall foliage. Trees are only colorful for a short period of time before the leaves are lost to winter. Enjoy the moment and capture some of the best foliage you can. Keep your trees and shrubs looking their best by planning the best fall fertilizer treatment for late fall. Contact a local expert like RYAN Lawn & Tree to make sure your trees and shrubs are getting the proper amount of fertilizer and just the right time. 
  4. Jump in a pile of leaves. Kids love playing in the leaves! Rake up a gigantic pile and let the kids have some fun. It’s bound to release some energy and cause a few giggles. Plus, getting those colorful leaves and nuts off your beautiful lawn is a lawn care best practice for fall.

    Fall family fun in lawn.

    Happy family fun in the fall means playing in leaves on the lawn.

  5. Climb to the top of a mountain of hay bales. You can likely find a large group of hay bales at the pumpkin patch or farm you visit this fall as a part of your typical seasonal activities. Climb to the top of one and enjoy the view!
  6. Bake with pumpkins and apples. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin rolls. Apple pie, apple crisp, apple cobbler. Fall baking has endless possibilities. How many different dishes involving apples and pumpkins can you make? Do your best to make as many as you can and explore all the ways pumpkins and apples can be used to create delicious treats.
  7. Take a different spin on the traditional hayride. The classic hayride will never go out of style but why not try to mix it up a bit? What about a ride in a wagon filled with corn kernels? The kids will love all the opportunities for digging and playing that will provide. Leaves or even cotton can also make for good padding in the trailer. If you do opt to sit on hay, consider having a horse pull the ride instead of a tractor.
  8. Hike or bike ride somewhere with views of changing leaves. Take some time to truly savor the colors by going on a bike ride or hike right through them. This time in nature will help you remember the beauty of the season all year long.
  9. Cook something different over a bonfire. You’ve had roasted marshmallows and hot dogs over a bonfire before but what about cooking bacon over the fire? Chicken and potatoes are other foods you might consider trying as well. Expand your cooking skills and learn a new way of preparing your favorite foods. In Kansas City, RYAN can help you upgrade your outdoor space with a new fire pit and patio and other hardscaping services.

Call RYAN Lawn & Tree For Fall Season Lawn & Tree Care Services

We hope you enjoy some extra time with family doing these activities and cherish the memories that come along with them. When you need to prepare your yard or trees for the fall season – whether it be lawn or tree fertilizing or pruning – be sure to give the pros at RYAN Lawn & Tree a call at 855.216.2293. We’re here to help you spend quality time with your family and answer any questions you may have about lawn care. keep your lawn and trees looking the best on the block. With five Midwest locations, we can provide the best lawn care services whether you live in Kansas City, St. Louis, Wichita, Tulsa or Springfield areas. 

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