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3 Fun Ways To Enjoy The Snow

fun-ways-to-enjoy-the-snowWhile snow can be beautiful and adds to the holiday spirit every winter, there may be days where we despise it — especially if it makes driving to work difficult or results in piles of heavy snow in the driveway. But if you simply take a moment to genuinely enjoy the calming, relaxing mood accompanied by snowfall, you’ll realize that you can easily overlook any negative feelings you might have associated with snow to begin with.

Whether you’re in it for the view or for the seasonal, celebratory atmosphere, here are four ways you can fully enjoy the snow.

1. Make Ice cream

Have you ever eaten snow “ice cream?” It’s delicious, a great way to spend your free time (especially if you have kids), and is only available for the making a few times per year. Add snow ice cream to your list of winter traditions for some serious snowy weather fun.

2. Watch The Snow Fall

If you don’t mind cold temperatures, take a cold-weather walk; snowfall is amazingly peaceful. If spending time indoors is more your style, sit by the window with a glass of hot cocoa and watch the driveway slowly become covered in white.

3. Have A Pajamas Day

Rather than crank up the heat in your home, dedicate an entire day to wearing flannels or comfortable pajamas and sit by the fire. Having a dedicated pajamas day is an extra fun way to stay cozy — even through a blizzard!

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