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Winter Lawn Care Tips

winter-lawn-careAs the winter cold sets in, many homeowners assume their yard work duties have concluded for the year, when in fact, winter can be the ideal time to prepare for next year’s growing season.

These lawn care tips can help you prepare your lawn for winter:

Clean and remove leaves

During winter, the sun shines for only a short period during the day. Leaves and other debris prevent your lawn from soaking in those limited rays, and can leave brown spots behind. Regularly raking your leaves ensures that each blade of grass receives optimal sunlight, even during dormant seasons. Check out this list of creative ways to dispose of the leaves after you rake them.

Trim shrubs and edges

It might seem counterintuitive to trim your shrubs and hedges during a season that produces little growth. However, pruning in the winter promotes faster growth in the spring. Regular pruning stimulates the growth of flowers and encourages new growth in a desirable direction. When pruning your trees, always remember the three D’s.

Lower the height of your mower

During the last half of autumn, lower the height of your mower by about one inch. Leaving your grass too long in the winter could cause damage due to the excessive freezing and thawing that takes place during the cold months. Again, this may go against your intuition, but grass that is too long is prone to suffocation during winter’s volatile climate.

Add fruit-bearing plants

Winter has a way of turning everything white and grey. Liven up the appearance of your lawn with fruit-bearing plants. Berries persevere nicely through the cold months, and add a cheerful splash of holiday color. Consider a native berry such as winterberry, which grows natively in the Midwest and is a member of the Holly family.

Although most people do not associate winter with a lush, green lawn, these Kansas City and Lenexa lawn care tips can help you prepare your lawn for optimal growth before it’s too late. Don’t delay, or you may find yourself seeking ways to reverse winter lawn damage.

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