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8 Best Family-Friendly Backyard Games

Spending quality time together can begin on your own lawn

Summer is in full swing filled with warm days and sunshine. It can be a busy time of year, but sometimes it can be difficult to come up with activities that will engage the whole family. What can you do when you simply need to spend some time together outside?

You don’t have to go far or spend much money to create some family memories and find entertainment. Families often miss out on the fun that could be had in their own backyard from playing simple backyard games together.

Consider these ideas for an amazing evening with the family. They make for perfect activities to enjoy after grilling some hamburgers and hot dogs and will get everyone moving.

Think oversized indoor games.

Do you enjoy playing Jenga, Connect 4 or Checkers? What about making oversized versions of these games to play in the backyard? Use scraps of wood to create Jenga pieces. For Connect 4, construct a frame and then use different colored dodgeballs to fill it in. A game of checkers can be created with a large mat and wooden pieces spray-painted either red or black.

Horseshoes, washers and ladder toss.

Of course, backyard fun wouldn’t be complete without these traditional games. You’ll quickly discover who has the best and most accurate throw.

All about the Frisbee.

Consider creating a Frisbee golf course. Sure, you might only have room for a few holes, but even having just a few can provide some fun entertainment. A backyard is also a great place for a game of ultimate Frisbee or KanJam. Whatever you do, don’t forget to include your furry friends in the Frisbee fun as well.

Velcro ball toss and catch.

Hand-eye coordination is a great skill for everyone to develop, so consider getting some Velcro mitts and balls to practice your skills.

Burlap sack races.

It’s an incredibly simple concept, but it’s bound to keep everyone laughing for a long time. Make sacks of all sizes and develop a competition between the kids and the adults. Bonus points for the one who crosses the finish line without falling.

Create your own obstacle course.

The possibilities are limitless. Hang up a rope to climb, jump over lawn chairs, set up a 2″ x 4″ balance beam, throw pool noodles. Have a prize for the one who completes this ultimate backyard challenge the fastest and one for the person who demonstrates the best ninja skills. 

Bocce Ball.

This simple game will also test your throwing accuracy and bring out a competitive spirit in everyone.


Put up a net, pick up a racket and go after the shuttlecock. Mastering this game is a great way to keep the whole family active and is another backyard game that will sharpen your hand-eye coordination.

With these ideas, the whole family can come together and enjoy some healthy outdoor competition. With all of these fun outdoor activities, your biggest challenge will be getting everyone back in the house for bedtime. 

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