Aeration Vs. Verticutting

aeratinglawnsWith the arrival of seeding season it is important to understand the two most common terms used in the practice.  Aeration and verticutting are sometimes used independently and sometimes together in order to create beautiful lawns all over the country.


Core aeration takes place before the seed to your lawn is applied.  Without some form of aeration it can be difficult for your lawn to survive because of soil compaction, especially with the dry conditions we have been experiencing lately. Thatch buildup is another problem that core aeration will help alleviate. The aeration machine removes small plugs of soil from the lawn.  The holes left behind provide an area where nutrients, fertilizer, and new seed can fall below the surface. In addition, the plugs that have been removed from the ground will eventually deteriorate and act as a natural top soil for the new seedlings.


The verticutter machine creates more of a slicing motion rather than a punching motion.  The verticutter is used after seed is applied, essentially “cutting” the seed into the soil. Verticutting will provide a more immediately even look to a new seed job in comparison to aerating which will create patches of new grass that will eventually become thicker.  For lawns that have been killed off or are very thin many times both aeration and verticutting are necessary to ensure a thicker, healthier looking lawn