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Love the outdoors? Check Out These Hiking Destinations!

This part of the United States, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma, have some great hiking options. They give you a great excuse to get off the couch, away from where you spend time most days, and out into the beauty of nature.

Take your time to check out at least some of the following places.

Kansas Castle Rock in Kansas is a sight to see!

Castle Rock – One of the Eight Wonders of Kansas, this unique rock formation makes for some amazing scenery as you hit the 2.3-mile trail. This is an easy hike, so people of all ages can enjoy it on a warm afternoon. Explore the many arches, tunnels, and other features, plus keep your eyes peeled for shark teeth and fish fossils in the rock.

Wyandotte County Lake Loop Trail – After a short drive from Kansas City, you’ll feel worlds away from the metropolitan area. This trail goes all the way around the lake, taking you through some thickly wooded areas that are relaxing to soak in. Just remember to stay on the trail, since getting lost is a possibility.


Lost Valley Trail – Take yourself on a majestic forest journey that lasts for 10.5 miles on this trail. Not only will you see plenty of amazing trees, the path takes you nearby waterfalls, through rock formations, and right past natural springs. You can even see the remains of old homesteads. The part that’s most captivating is in the northwest section of the trail, where you climb up to a pond and an aging cemetery next to it.

Ozark Trail – When completed, this will be over 500 miles of trails through one of the most serene spots in the country. The trail stretches from St. Louis to the Arkansas border, making for the perfect way to enjoy either one long, all-day hike, or a journey that lasts several days. Many agree that that Taum Sauk section of this trail is the most scenic.

Oklahoma Hiking is a great family activity.

The Mountain Trail in Robbers Cave State Park – Soak in the beauty of Carlton Lake and the San Bois Mountains while hiking 3.2 miles from the campground to the bluffs, where you get the best views of your surroundings. Also, you can learn about this famous outlaw hideaway, which has quite the history.

Ankle Express at Greenleaf State Park – You might have seen photos on Instagram of the famous swinging bridge on this trail. The bridge takes you over Greenleaf Lake, but you need to hike 5.3 miles round trip to reach it. Of course, you get to enjoy the scenic forest and views from the lake shore as you do.

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