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Can The Height Of Your Grass Affect Weed Growth?

grass-height-and-weed-growthGenerally, homeowners have a set schedule as to how and when they mow their yard. They mow every week, every other week, or whenever there’s been a recent growth spurt. Most homeowners also have a set height they’ll trim grass down to during each cut. It’s just part of their overall routine.

But did you know that those preferences can actually help increase or decrease weed production? In a recent study, researchers allowed grass to grow, and maintained crabgrass at specific heights between one to four inches for the duration of mowing season. After prime growing season, they measured grass again in mid-September. Grass kept at one inch measured with 95 percent crabgrass, two inches brought in 48 percent, three inches brought in 13 percent, and four-inch grass came in at zero percent.

The study results show that longer grass can actually beat out crabgrass, especially when maintained in a consistent manner over time. However, weed control experts also agree that four inches is quite long for a yard, and creates a “shaggy” or overgrown look. Finding a happy medium between the two, in contrast, can work to deter weed sustainability without sacrificing the overall integrity of your yard.

To reduce the weed count in your own yard, specifically crabgrass, consider mowing at a longer length between 2.5 and three inches for cool-season grasses. It’s a proven and sure way to get the results you’re after.

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