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All About Christmas Trees [Infographic]

Types of evergreens, decorating trends & how to plant your own

With the holidays in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about plans for getting and decorating your own evergreen Christmas tree this year. Christmas trees are a tradition this time of year. The “Tannenbaum,” initially began in Germany, and became a Christmas staple thanks to German Pennsylvania settlers during the mid-18th century. Last year, almost 26 million real Christmas trees were sold in the United States alone.


Christmas Tree Infographic

If you’re searching for real Christmas trees in Tulsa, or any other of our Midwest locations, you’re going to want to make sure you know what you’re looking for. With so many options for tree types and decorations, you may find it is easier to get exactly what you want if you plant your future Christmas trees yourself. Not only that, but planting and leaving trees to grow is great for the environment. Plus, outdoor evergreens give you a chance for a variety of holiday decorations! 


How to Plant an Evergreen Tree

The best way to ensure you have the Christmas tree of your dreams is to plant it yourself. If you’re wondering how to plant a tree, wonder no longer! Check the tree infographic at right to help you decide if you would rather have a noble fir with strong limbs for ornaments or a balsam fir for a rich strong “Christmas” scent. Those and other tree types are very different and each brings with them certain attributes that make them one of a kind.

When planting your evergreen, it’s best to get it in the ground between August and October or before the ground freezes. It is generally a good rule to check and see if other trees have begun to lose their leaves and if they have, check with a professional arborist to make sure it’s not too late. 

Once you know your timing is right, your attention should turn to the hole. It’s important the hole is just slightly wider than the root ball and no deeper than the original planter the tree came in. Lastly, fill the hole with soil and be sure to keep it watered. 


Caring for Your Evergreen

Once planted, there are several important things to do to make sure your Christmas tree can grow properly and stay alive. Adding mulch around the tree, keeping the soil moist, and protecting it from insects and disease are all crucial to the success of your newly planted tree.

Mulch encourages growth and helps protect the base of your tree. Keeping the soil most ensures your tree is being provided the proper amount of nutrients to grow tall and strong. Lastly, keeping an eye out for insects or diseases can allow you to act early and save your tree before it’s too late. Common insects and diseases include bagworms, ash borers, and scale, among others.


Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Once you have your Christmas tree, you’ll need to know how to decorate it. One of the best things about having your very own evergreen in your yard is you don’t have to cut it down to decorate it. Every year you’ll be able to put lights, ornaments, pinecones, and more in your growing tree for all of the neighborhood to see. For ornaments, classic tree toppers or DIY family-made crafts would look great. Pinecones, popcorn strings, and edible animal treats look great and allow nature to interact with your tree. The options are endless and so is the fun.


Need Tree Planting Help? Reach Out to Your RYAN Pros!

With so many Christmas tree types to choose from, finding what you like is really important. Once you have, planting your own can be a nice alternative to the wasteful and expensive process of cutting one down every year. Or, let the Pros at Ryan Lawn and Tree choose the perfect evergreen that meets your needs and fits perfectly with your soil type and location. Decorating your tree for everyone to see can be a fun family activity, and leaving it to grow is great for the environment. Knowing how to keep a Christmas tree alive can be the difference when trying this at home, so if you need any help maintaining your new tree, Ryan Lawn & Tree is here for you! Feel free to contact us about any tree or lawn needs and we will be happy to help.

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