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Common Lawn Pests: Prevention, Control, and Management

The presence of lawn pests can ruin the aesthetic of your lawn and make spending time outside intolerable. Lawn pest prevention strategies are a great way to stop annoying infestations before they start so you can enjoy your lawn.

Ryan Lawn & Tree offers several customized solutions targeted at keeping common lawn pests at bay before they invade your space or make it inside your home, along with effective services designed to eliminate present infestations and keep them from returning. Learn more about our environmentally friendly pest control solutions and find out why RYAN is the company you can count on for all your pest control needs.

Taking a Proactive Approach to Pest Prevention

The first step to prevent pests from making themselves a home on your property is to maintain your lawn properly. Good lawn hygiene practices go a long way:

  • Cut your grass regularly and clear the clippings to deter pests like rodents, ants, fleas, and ticks. Tall grass and debris piles serve as ideal hiding spots for many pests.
  • Practice good watering tactics to prevent oversaturation and remove standing water that serves as breeding areas for mosquitoes.
  • Keep trees and shrubs pruned to help ward off beetles, moths, and other insects.
  • Stack and store wood above the ground to keep ants and termites away.
  • Create physical barriers by sealing cracks in sidewalks, gaps around windows and doors, small holes, and other entry points where pests can enter your home.
  • Fertilize your lawn, trees, and plants so they are better able to repel pests.
  • Add plant-repelling plants like peppermint, marigolds, lavender, and petunias.

These measures help a great deal, but professional pest control and management is something to consider including in your lawn care routine if you want the best possible results.

The Dangers of Common Lawn Pests

mosquito zika imageThe potential dangers of the common pests that affect lawns and homes are other reasons to get serious about pest prevention. Mosquitoes carry diseases like Zika and West Nile virus that they can pass on to humans. Ticks pose the threat of Lyme disease, while ants and termites are capable of causing serious damage to your home. These and other insects can also contaminate your food supply and make you sick.

Lawn damage caused by these types of infestations are not only unsightly and costly to correct, but come with their own risks. For example, tunnels left in your yard by moles can cause you to fall and injure yourself. Depending on the extent of their presence, moles can also damage tree roots and even the foundation of buildings.

Pest Control Services by RYAN for Every Need

Ryan Lawn & Tree offers an entire range of Pest Control services specifically designed to target the pests common to your area. Our experts assess your lawn to detect any pests already present and identify your weaknesses to recommend the most effective solutions to keep your lawn pest-free. Learn about some of our popular options below.

Ants Entering Your Home Again?

ants entering houseSay goodbye to unwelcome visitors with the help of RYAN’s Home Insect Barrier, which eliminates ants along with millipedes, silverfish, spiders, cockroaches, crickets, and all manner of insects. Our spray creates an invisible shield to surround and safeguard your property, effectively reducing the number of pests.

A certified Pest Control Pro applies the treatment around the outside of your home four times a year, so you get continuous protection. Our formula targets the most common home insects, and our treatment schedule is designed with an understanding of the insects’ life cycle for maximum results. You can rest assured that our insect barrier spray is eco-friendly and safe to use around children and pets.

Mosquitoes Ruining Your Outside Activities?

Nothing kills the mood of an outdoor gathering faster than mosquitoes. Avoid the itchy bites and the health risks with RYAN Mosquito Guard. This solution consists of treatments targeted at the life cycle of mosquitoes. It begins with an inspection, then moves to an application on affected areas. Each treatment lasts up to four weeks and our experts make up to seven applications per year, depending on the level of infestation. Best of all, Mosquito Guard is safe for people, pests, and the environment.

Need Total Pest Control for Multiple Pests?

RYAN has you covered with three PestGuard Packages:

  • pestguard imagePestGuard: This safe and affordable solution delivers effective results you can count on. It’s great for deterring pests of all kinds. You get the Home Insect Barrier to keep spiders, ants, and roaches away, along with Rodent Guard for child and pet-safe mice and rat prevention. Also included is vole burrow baiting where needed. The package includes six visits every year; one every other month.
  • PestGuard Pro: Get all the benefits of our PestGuard Package plus Mosquito Control along with PestGuard Pro. With this option, you also get three extra visits for a total of nine throughout the year. Our managers visit your property monthly beginning in May and continuing through peak mosquito season.
  • PestGuard Plus: Our most popular option, PestGuard Plus includes everything from our PestGuard Pro Package along with Flea and Tick Control, Complete Home Protection, and Mole Control where needed. This all-encompassing package is a great option for anyone who wants serious protection.

Each of these year-round protection programs is designed to deliver safe pest control to protect your home and lawn from dangerous and unwanted pests. Our bundled services not only save you money but give you pest control for more than 50 different species.

Real Benefits of Choosing RYAN Pest

RYAN has been in business since 1987 and earned a reputation for high-quality services and superior customer service. Our employee-owned Pros are highly trained to provide the very best to all of our service areas:

RYAN’s mission is to help all clients create gorgeous and sustainable environments. We are an industry-leading lawn care company with thousands of successful treatments and satisfied homeowners.

Dedicated and Trained Route Managers

ryan dedicated pest control managerAll RYAN technicians are fully trained and receive regular briefs on the latest in safety and industry standards. As an employee-owned company, our more than 300 associates are owners. This pride and involvement in their job translates to exceptional, friendly service.

The RYAN team of Pros includes lawn care specialists, arborists, and certified pest control technicians. Everyone receives safety training to reduce the risk of accidents and pay close attention to health and awareness. We have numerous industry certifications to back up our claims of expertise, professionalism, and great results.

Part of the reason RYAN is the ideal choice for all your lawn, tree, and pest control needs is our team’s approach to service. We start out by visiting your property for a thorough inspection. This gives us the chance to discover problems and risks. Once we have a better understanding of your needs, we recommend the right products and treatments to give you the results you want and need.

ryan pest control treatmentOur services come with follow-up visits to examine the effectiveness of the treatment. We don’t consider our job done until you are satisfied with the results. Our team is trained to understand the pests specific to your area, so we know the best approaches to eliminate them and keep them away. We also have a vast knowledge of the area’s plants, including which pests and diseases each is susceptible to, which helps us spot issues early on and design a successful treatment plan.

If you want all-year pest protection or help to keep your lawn looking amazing, we offer a wide range of services and packages. At RYAN, we understand how important it is for you to keep your lawn safe and well-maintained, yet many homeowners lack the necessary time to devote to lawn care. If you want a beautiful, pest-free lawn you can enjoy, leave the job to us.

Premier Pest Control Solutions

Safety is just as important to us as effectiveness, which is why we are so careful in choosing the ingredients used to create our pest control solutions. Our formulas are created from ingredients safe to use around your children and pets. They are also sustainable and eco-friendly. So you can get the treatments you need without worrying about the health of your family and the environment.

Exceptional Customer Service

At RYAN, we take pride in our dedication to 100% customer satisfaction. If you are unhappy with the home or lawn treatment you received, just notify us within 21 days and we’ll return to re-treat your yard absolutely free.

We understand how important prompt responses are and return all phone calls as soon as possible. When you schedule a service visit, we respond quickly, often the next business day. Plus, all service calls are free!

Discover the RYAN difference for yourself and learn why we are the trusted choice for pest control by many loyal customers. Contact RYAN Pest Control today to learn more and schedule your Free Estimate!

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