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How To Prepare Your Yard For Cold Weather

preparing-your-yard-for-cold-weatherAccording to the Farmer’s Almanac and almost every other weather news source, the Midwest is going to get hit harder this winter than it has in the last several decades. Slated for a “once in a lifetime winter,” homeowners across the country are preparing themselves and their yards for some serious winter activity. That means stocking up on salt, ensuring there are shovels in the garage, and more. While these items can certainly be purchased as needed, they’ll also be in higher demand, which means they’ll be higher in cost and more difficult to obtain. Stocking up on these items early, however, can save some funds and stress down the road.

Another preemptive tactic to explore includes picking up leaves earlier than normal. While early October may traditionally sound too soon to rake leaves, failing to do so can leave them packed under snow and frozen rains for months to come, which could make the eventual task far more daunting come spring. It’s also a great time to have trees trimmed to avoid dealing with branches that fall down due to excess weight. Fall trimming can avoid costly insurance claims throughout the next several months, while also giving your trees a much-needed upgrade.

To get a head start on the upcoming winter weather, consider prepping your yard for cold temps and heavy snows. It’s a simple step that can greatly increase safety and lessen long-term winter-based dangers.

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