Interesting Facts About The Monarch Butterfly

monarch-butterfly-factsYards across Missouri and Kansas have long-since been cluttered with the Monarch butterfly, which are the black and white summer staples that migrate through the area each summer. While they’re more common in yards that offer plenty of pollination (the more flowers, the better), the Monarch butterfly is a species that has been around since the 1750s, and feeds on all types of plants.

Even though they all look the same, Missouri’s News-Leader shares that there are actually more than 150 breeds of Monarch butterflies. That may sound like an impressive stat, but none live longer than a year, which calls for a heavy amount of reproduction each season. Considering they’re practically everywhere, the numbers are even more impressive.

Whether you’re looking to lure the butterflies into your garden, or just want to learn more about their magnificent species, there’s plenty to learn from this in-depth article. Head to Springfield’s newspaper to learn more.


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