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What is Smart Irrigation? And How Does RYAN Help Our Customers ‘Irrigate Smart’?

Did you know that July is Smart Irrigation Month? Smart Irrigation Month is sponsored by the Irrigation Association, as part of their initiatives to encourage homeowners, businesses, agricultural enterprises, and others to use water resources as efficiently as possible.

‘Smart Irrigation’ is premised on the fact that water is one of our most valuable resources – and in many parts of the United States, it is also in critically short supply. Using it as intelligently as possible is what ‘Smart Irrigation’ is all about.

Ryan Lawn & Tree engage practices that encourage Smart Irrigation all season long through:

  • proper irrigation installation and maintenance
  • utilizing efficient irrigation designs
  • performing irrigation audits for our customers
  • encouraging wise water management practices with all of our customers

Proper Irrigation Installation and Maintenance, and Efficient Irrigation Designs

Ryan Lawn & Tree’s professionals install all new irrigation systems to include:

  • placing sprinklers into efficient watering zones, with minimal overlap and no spaces between the water dispersion
  • minimal use of pipe in lawns, with as few connections as possible (connections can be a source of leaks)
  • the watering zones are designed to operate at optimal pressure and flow rate – delivering the perfect amount of water to your landscape/turf – not too much, not too little
  • rain sensors are placed into each irrigation system, so lawns are only watered when they need it – thus saving water (and sparing you that ridiculous feeling you get when you see your Kansas City sprinkler systems going on during a huge rainstorm)
  • Ryan Lawn & Tree’s irrigation systems have an easy-to-use control box that goes into your garage, giving you complete control of your system – even allowing you to control it with your smartphone

Performing Irrigation Audits for Our Customers


After a period of time, even the best irrigation systems begin to perform less efficiently than when they were first installed. Typically, an irrigation system will reach a point where the wasted water and inefficient performance begin to cost more than a simple repair. Ryan Lawn & Tree’s Professionals perform Irrigation Audits for our customers, aimed at detecting and repairing inefficiencies in irrigation systems before they become a problem.

Have an irrigation system that you suspect is operating inefficiently? Give Ryan Lawn & Tree a call and we’ll perform an Irrigation Audit for you. We’ll then show you ways we can cost-effectively improve the efficiency of your system.

Encouraging Wise Water Management Practices

Many of us can remember a parent or grandparent or friend yelling at us for leaving the water running while brushing our teeth or taking too long of a shower. In a way, these corrections were ‘spot on’ in terms of saving water – in that, sometimes it’s the little things that wastewater. This can be true when it comes to irrigating your lawn and landscaping – sometimes just a tweak here, a small change there – and you end up saving water and money. At Ryan Lawn & Tree, we are proactive in our approach to wise water management – providing our customers with easy-to-implement tips that add up to big savings.

It’s all part of our commitment to Smart Irrigation – all season long!



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