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Summer Landscapes are Easy with Expansion of Ryan Outdoor Living

Professional landscapers near you no matter where in the Kansas City Metro you live.

Summer landscapes have never been easier in Kansas City with the expansion of Ryan Lawn & Tree’s landscaping division. Now no matter what part of the K.C. Metro you live in, Ryan Outdoor Living (ROL) is the best choice for a landscape company near you! We have almost doubled our staff, this summer including the addition of a fifth landscape crew, and a new landscape specialist, landscape architect, and division project coordinator.


Ryan Lawn & Tree’s landscape design team is ready to create your perfect outdoor space including: Landscape Architect Sarah Walls, Lead Landscape Designer Stephanie Parker, and Landscape Designer Rebecca Hudson.

“This was the plan we’ve been working on over the last year, and it is finally coming together,” Ryan Outdoor Living Manager Shawn Parker said. “Our additional experts will allow us to expand comprehensive landscaping design services from Overland Park and Leawood to the entire Metro area.”

Parker, who started the landscape design division at RYAN’s Kansas City location three years ago, said he has worked to develop a reproducible model that works for all customers on a lasting basis.

“When we work with a client, we are always thinking long-term,” Parker said. “We’re not just putting a band-aid on something; we’re providing the best products and solving landscaping challenges that will last. We want to build a relationship with clients that continues as long as they own their home.”

One of the ways ROL solves landscape challenges is by using the expertise of new landscape architect Sarah Walls. As the fifth member of the ROL design team, Walls will allow the company to shorten the time it takes to turnaround a finished design that effectively addresses customer needs.


One of Ryan Outdoor Living Manager Shawn Parker’s favorite recent projects at this Leawood, Kansas home. See the transformation from “before” here to “after” below.

The new ROL team will have the capability to handle all aspects of summer landscapes. The customer service representative will gather information from the prospective customer and schedule an in-person appointment with a landscape specialist. ROL designers prepare a comprehensive design, in either 2D or 3D, to present to the customer. ROL reps present the plan to customers during an appointment at the RYAN’s outdoor showroom, where they can see examples of various plants and hardscapes. Once a plan is finalized, the landscape crew carefully carries out the plan.

That plan may include some or all of the services ROL offers: landscape design including tear-out, plant selection and edging; hardscaping including patios, fire pits/grills, water features, walkways and retaining walls; drainage including downspouts, French drains and grading; and landscape lighting including path lighting, uplighting and tree lighting.

“Our goal is to transform unusable outdoor spaces into comfortable extensions of your home,” Parker said. “We not only develop their outdoor space, we make it come alive at night too, like having a living room outside.”


See the comprehensive landscape design completed on this project including hardscape patio, seat wall, fire pit, hardscape step leading to the existing deck, repairing the deck, adding a tree opening and pergola renovation.

To help coordinate and organize the high volume of new projects across the Metro, ROL added landscape coordinator, Angie Laughrey. Laughrey has spent this year as part of Ryan Lawn & Tree’s customer service team.

“Angie brings many strengths and valuable experience to ROL,” Parker said. “We are excited to have her on our team to communicate with customers, streamline the workload and keep our focus.”

As a licensed general contractor, Parker said ROL offers the unique benefit of pulling any needed permits and managing multiple contractors, as needed, so customers don’t have to worry about taking on that role.

“We are enjoying our expanded presence in the Kansas City Metro,” Parker said, “and look forward to creating unforgettable outdoor experiences for our customers.”

Ready to Transform Your Outdoor Space?

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