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The Perils of Having Dead Trees on Your Property

Are you considering dead tree removal? Are the dead trees on your property dangerous? These are essential questions to answer if you want to avoid costly consequences. Trees are living things that require appropriate tree care and time to grow. However, all trees, whether when young or after decades, will eventually begin to die. It is important to be able to recognize the signs of this death and take action. 

Often, trees that are dead quickly decay on the inside, where we cannot see.


How Do I Know When My Tree is Dead?

A dead tree stops taking in moisture and nutrients, often long before the final death occurs. As a result, the tree becomes dry, brittle and unstable. If you start to see these signs in your tree, it is best to start thinking about removal. There are several reasons why removing dead branches will not only benefit your other plant life but also protect you and your property from damage. Removing your dead tree can be as easy as calling an experienced professional and getting an estimate. With ISA-certified arborists and many tree removal experts on staff, we can safely remove any dead tree on your property. 


Do Dead Trees Fall Over?

Often limbs will be the first thing to fall from a dead or dying tree. But, eventually, an entire tree can get to a point where it becomes a danger in itself. These can cause direct damage to all sorts of things. Things like people, pets and wild animals are obviously the primary concern. However, property damage is something often overlooked that can be very costly. House, car, and lawn damage — on your property or a neighbor’s property — can occur as a direct result of not removing a dead tree.


We will grind the tree stump as part of the removal process.

Dead Trees Attract Pests

Tree disease is contagious, and failing to remove diseased trees puts all other trees in the surrounding area at risk. Termites, Japanese beetles, and bagworms are all common in the Midwest and are extremely difficult to contain if left unchecked. Dead trees won’t be your only concern, as all plant life is at risk of disease. This could lead to widespread infestation and irreversible harm to your property. We recommend proper steps be taken for both bagworm control and of course Japanese beetle control.


Act Now or Pay Later — Call Your RYAN Pros

The bottom line is this: dying and dead trees are dangerous. Whether it is the result of direct physical damage caused by falling dead trees or limbs or the peripheral damage caused by disease to your other plant life, acting now is good for the pocketbook as much as the landscaping. Ryan Lawn & Tree takes dead tree removal seriously and can help you ensure the health and safety of your property. After removal, we will grind the stump to below grade and leave your yard clean and ready to plant sod, grass, or…another tree! Call us today to learn more about our professional tree removal services and how we can help you and your trees.

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