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The Perils of Having Dead Trees on Your Property

Trees grow slowly; they also die slowly. Usually by the time you notice a tree is dead on your property, it likely has been in the process of dying for some time.

Common tell-tale signs accompany this slow dying process: limbs breaking, bark peeling away from the tree, discolored leaves, infestation by wood-boring insects, trunk instability – these all tell you that the tree is in the process of dying.

A Dying Tree and a Dead Tree are Dangerous Trees

When the tree does finally die, it changes. Put more succinctly, a dead tree stops taking in moisture and nutrients – often long before the final death occurs. As a result, the tree becomes dry, brittle, and unstable. Depending on the tree and the level of decay, even a mild wind or heavy snowfall can cause the limbs and – in some cases – the trunks to break. The whole tree itself may fall.
Often, trees that are dead quickly decay on the inside, where we cannot see.

The Two Primary Dangers

This points out the two primary dangers of a dying or dead tree:

  1. Compromised Limbs that Fall
    As the tree dies, its internal integrity is compromised – making the tree less able to support limbs. Larger, heavier limbs are especially susceptible to breakage. Falling limbs can end up on decks/patios, vehicles, rooftops (with heavier ones breaking through the roof), and even on people.
  2. The Entire Tree Falls
    In some cases, the entire tree will fall over – usually when driven by the wind, but sometimes a highly decayed or compromised tree will just fall over on its own.

The obvious danger here is where the tree falls. A dying or dead tree near the house is of greatest concern.

We will grind the tree stump as part of the removal process.The bottom line is this: dying and dead trees are dangerous. This is why Ryan Lawn & Tree takes the job of removing trees very seriously. We understand the danger they pose for people, pets, and property. This is why we will always be very direct with our customers about their trees – if one needs to be removed, we’ll let you know – with a clear explanation as to why.

With ISA-certified arborists and a large number of tree removal experts on staff, we can safely remove any dead tree on your property. After removal, we will grind the stump to below grade, and will leave your yard clean and ready for planting of sod, grass, or…another tree!

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