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Rain Sensors Stop Water Waste

Stop your sprinklers from running when it's raining, automatically!As July is Smart Irrigation Month, we at Ryan Lawn & Tree are providing helpful information and updates to help our customers save water (and money) by leveraging technology that typically ends up paying for itself in a few short months.

In this blog post, we will focus on rain sensors.

We’ve all had the experience of driving by a residential or commercial landscape and seeing the sprinklers running at full steam – during a rainstorm or extended rainfall period! We’ve also likely had the question – why are they running their sprinklers when it is downpouring?

Obviously, their sprinkler system is set on a time schedule – but the irrigation system is not utilizing rain sensor technology that would have shut the system down before it ever turned on.

But even if you have a rain-sensing device in your system – they are not all created equal. Most of these devices work by accumulating a set amount of rainfall before a switch is activated to shut off the system. So in the case of a series of smaller rainfall events, the system is not shut down even though it may be pouring rain. This will continue to happen until that threshold precipitation amount is reached. This can result in the aforementioned scenario occurring – your sprinklers operating at full capacity during a rainstorm.

The rain sensors that Ryan Lawn & Tree installs utilize a smarter technology. Our rain sensors can be programmed to shut down the system at the first hint of precipitation. Our sensors are not mounted at ground level or in the turf, but rather are typically mounted to the eaves of your house – where they communicate automatically with your system, telling it to perform at an optimal level without wasting water.
Make your irrigation system extra smart with rain sensors.

At Ryan Lawn & Tree – We’re Serious about Smart Irrigation

At Ryan Lawn & Tree, we know that water is one of our most valuable resources. We are serious about trying to help our customers save water – and money in reduced water bills. Our use of the latest rain sensor technology demonstrates our commitment to helping all of our clients become ‘smart irrigators’!

Let’s talk about your current irrigation system – and ways we can make it as efficient as possible!

And happy Smart Irrigation month!

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