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Ryan Lawn & Tree Named to the Great Game Of Business 2021 All-Star Team

Ryan Lawn & Tree has been named as one of the Great Game of Business® (GGOB) 25 All-Star businesses for 2021. All-Stars are businesses from around the globe that have entirely embraced the concepts of open-book management and The Great Game of Business model. These All-Star companies have proven they can produce excellent results.

In 2018 RYAN started its GGOB method of open-book management initiative. GGOB helps teach individuals, from hourly personnel to top-level executives, about how to operate a successful business. GGOB creates an environment of learning and financial literacy; and to help employees to start thinking like owners. Vice President & CFO, Roy Heinbach, has a unique take, saying, “We’re creating a bunch of mini CFOs. There are not too many places where everyone in a company of 350+ is in tune with the financial statements.”
GGOB introduced the framework that allows all employees in the business to understand operations, and make better decisions that help contribute to the success of the company.

Prior to implementing the GGOB model, RYAN bounced between growth and profit goals and never found a balance between the two priorities. Either sales quickly increased and profits plummeted or vice versa. Increases in the company’s stock price also went up and down as a result.“We have always been a ‘work hard and work long’ company,” says Jason Snyder, Director of Business Development. “We needed to find a way to ‘work smarter’ to our mantra.”

Ryan Lawn & Tree has seen a steady growth of more than 20% and turned a profit of more than 8% in each of its first 2 years since applying the GGOB principles. GGOB was our missing link,” says Russ Merwin, Director of Training. “GGOB has added the framework that allows everyone, from top to bottom, to understand our operations and now add ‘working smarter’ to our mantra. Our culture was strong; GGOB is making it stronger.”

Here is what some of RYAN’s employees have to say about GGOB:

“GGOB has changed our culture and people for the better. Our people have more of a team mentality, are more thoughtful in thinking of the companies needs first instead of their own, and have increased our value of the customer above all else because they ultimately take care of us. I have seen dramatic changes from upper management all the way down to new associates for the better and know this will continue in the future as this is how The Game was designed and you can’t help but do great things with it. Our roles are more team-focused than they are individualized which makes everyone more valuable. I can’t wait to see what we can do in the coming years alongside our partnership with the GGOB squad.”

Josh Scheer, Landscape Sales Consultant

“GGOB has helped younger employees, new to the ESOP, more quickly understand the importance of what and how they do their jobs really does affect the overall performance of the organization. In turn, they can win twice: Initial paycheck and ESOP value increase.”

Mark Bartlow, Consulting Arborist

“Through transparency and goal setting, The Great Game of Business encourages employees to be an agent of change in the workplace. Everyone has a role to play! This knowledge enables every employee to actively engage in the outcome and celebrate each accomplishment.”
Angie Laughrey, Project Coordinator / RYAN Outdoor Living

About Ryan Lawn & Tree

Ryan Lawn & Tree was founded in 1987 by Larry Ryan. From day one, Larry’s goal has been to set the standard in customer service among lawn care companies.

Ryan Lawn & Tree is 100% employee-owned and now has more than 350 full-time associates and graduates from 79 different universities.

Ryan Lawn & Tree serves 5 different markets, both Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO Metro, St. Louis, MO, Springfield, MO, Wichita, KS, and Tulsa Oklahoma, and offers a variety of lawn care services including lawn fertilization, weed control, pruning, tree/stump removal, pest control, plant health care, soil care, landscaping, outdoor lighting, tree planting, as well as lawn irrigation.

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