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Shining the Spotlight on Our Customers

 More than simply what we do, it’s about who we serve.

Getting to know our customers is what we do at Ryan Lawn & Tree, and our associates enjoy hearing customer stories and learning how to better meet their needs. Richard, Carla, Lori, and Sean are some long-time customers who have shared their stories with us, so we want to share their stories with you on this day dedicated to customer appreciation. In fact, we would love to serve you in the same way we’ve served them.

Creating Curb Appeal

Sean McKeon of Kirkwood, Missouri, isn’t the only one on his block who uses RYAN. He became a customer after one of his neighbors did, and now several other neighbors on the street are customers as well.

Sean’s backyard was in a bad place a few years ago, and Craig, his turf manager, re-seeded his yard. He has also used other services for his yard including fertilizing and weed and fungus treatment.

Sean said Craig has become like a neighbor to him. He’ll take time to visit, ask about his family and is quick to answer all of his lawn care questions.

“I know he’s going to take good care of us,” Sean says.

Sean says it’s easy to tell which yards on his street use RYAN services, and he believes the services have increased their homes curb appeal.

Enjoying Summer Nights Outdoors

The ability to play with his granddaughter in his backyard without having to worry about mosquitos is one of the many benefits the services of RYAN have provided for Richard St. Clair of Stillwell, Kansas.

“With the mosquito control program, I can sit out there all the time, and I had zero mosquito bites last year,” Richard says.

That, in turn, has helped him increase his enjoyment of his yard as he spends a significant amount of time in summer outside on his back patio.

Additionally, RYAN’s services have literally been fruitful for Richard as he also received assistance with his peach tree last year, and he ended up with more fruit than he had ever had before.

Richard first became a customer with RYAN back in 2010, utilizing the lawn care and weed control services. He said when he calculated what it took to drive to a lawn or garden center, buy the product he needed, come home, determine how to best use the product and put it down, it simply proved to be more cost-effective to call RYAN.

“I’ve got the best-looking lawn on the block,” Richard says.

Thriving Trees

Carla Nakata moved into her home in Lawrence, Kansas, in 1998 and decided to call RYAN at that time for help with landscaping and trees. She now has thriving trees, and she has benefited from other services as well.

In fact, a few years ago she found herself with an extensive mole infestation could literally see her yard moving up and down. When she told RYAN about her problem, it wasn’t long before they developed a solution. The moles, along with their tracks, are now gone.

“When they do a service, they are concerned about doing the service for me and doing the best service they can,” Carla says. “RYAN’s concern is meeting the need, being friendly and accomplishing the best they can for me.”

Growing Gorgeous Green Grass

Lori O’Brien of University City, Missouri, used to have a problem getting her grass to grow. When she turned to RYAN, they killed off the old grass and planted new. She said they followed through with care, and it has continued to improve every season.

Lori now has RYAN take care of everything on her property from mulch, tree and shrub planting to lawn fertilization and weed control.

She said they have an answer for just about anything, and they get an answer if they don’t have one.

“I trust them to help me make the best decisions for all my lawn needs,” she says.

Overall, she says it’s taken a lot of stress away knowing how responsive RYAN associates are.

“I appreciate that as we are all busy, so it is nice to know they are looking after the outside of my house,” Lori says.

These are only four of hundreds of stories from our customers, but every story plays a valuable role in what we do. Whatever need you have for your lawn or trees, we’d love to hear your story, help solve your problem and increase the curb appeal of your home.

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