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Spring is Almost Here! Start Thinking About Gardening!

Have you been staring out the window, fantasizing about the day you can finally get out into the garden and give life to something? Does looking out at all the half-melted snow and leafless trees make you yearn for something GREEN?

Well here’s a few things you can do NOW in order to get the most from your garden when the season finally warms up!

Prep the Gardening Space! Making sure your garden is prepped will save you time and work later.

Try to find a day when the sun is out so it doesn’t feel so cold. By removing debris like twigs and leaves ahead of time, you get to spend those first warm days planting instead of cleaning up. Clean your flowering pots and trays to make sure that no diseases infect the future plants.

Address Your Gardening Tools!

Cleaning your gardening tools also helps stop a disease from infecting your garden. Taking care of your tools by cleaning and sharpening them will extend their life, saving you money in the long run. It also ensures that your tools always work exactly how they’re supposed to, making gardening more enjoyable.

Side Note: This is also a great time to check the lawnmower. Pick a warm day and service it, or take it into the shop for a tune-up. Waiting times aren’t long at this time of year, whereas waiting for warmer weather will make waiting time exponentially longer.

Get Ideas!

If you haven’t been looking over winter (and what else would you be doing?), NOW’s the time to figure out what life you want to put into your garden. Pick up a Gardening magazine and get some ideas.

Alternatively, there are tons of garden and flower expos through March. Checking these out gets you out of the house and into the right mindset for creating your most beautiful garden yet!

Gather your gardening tools and make sure you have what you need.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. KNOW what you’re going to be planting in the spring, and you won’t be flustered when the weather warms and you have no idea what to plant.

Start Your Plants Indoors!

Find some space near a window and seed some peat pots up to four weeks ahead of time. This gets you a jump-start overplanting in the spring (unless you buy sprouts, in which case this method is cheaper, too). Plus, it’s always nice to have some more green in the home (especially at this time of year).

Call Us!

You’d be surprised how many people wait until the last minute to make a schedule with us. Getting a jump start on our lawn care services (such as core aeration and seeding, or sprinkler and irrigation systems maintenance) gives your garden and lawn the healthy start it needs for a prosperous summer.

Calling us early in the year allows us to create the schedule that most suitably fits your needs.

Spring is Just Around the Corner

If you get on top of your gardening now, you’ll allow the cold months to pass quickly AND you’ll be prepared when the weather starts to warm.

Happy Gardening!

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