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St. Louis Lawn Care, Pest Control, and Tree & Plant Care Services

Establishing and maintaining a lush lawn and beautiful outdoor landscapes takes time and effort. If you, like most homeowners, don’t have the time and energy to keep your yard looking great, turn to the experts at RYAN.

We provide all of your lawn care, tree and plant care, pest control, and landscaping needs. We service St. Louis, St. Peters, Chesterfield, Kirkwood, Wentzville, and the surrounding areas. Choose from services such as lawn aeration and seeding, tree fertilization, landscape lighting, and mosquito guard. We offer customized, naturally sourced lawn care targeted to your unique concerns or project ideas. Here’s more about some of our most in-demand services.

Pest Control

There’s nothing worse than trying to relax outdoors and being attacked by bugs. The presence of insects and rodents is more than annoying. These bothersome critters can wreak havoc on your property and even pose a threat to your family’s health. An infestation has the potential to weaken or kill your trees and plants, ruining your lawn. Rats, mosquitoes, and ticks carry diseases that can pass to humans if you aren’t careful.

When it comes to pest control, it’s best to hire an expert that has extensive knowledge of the local area to get the most effective results. At RYAN, we have decades of hands-on experience that allows us to create tailored solutions just for you. After we assess your situation, we’ll eliminate the pests plaguing your home and craft a plan designed to prevent them from returning.

PestGuard Bundles

We make pest control easy by offering three PestGuard Packages:

There are different levels of bundled plans available. Protection options are always environmentally conscious and range from single treatments to complete home protection:

Home Insect Barrier:

Our insect barrier treatment is safe for kids and pets and targets the most common pests found in the St. Louis area. It eliminates ants, centipedes, millipedes, cockroaches, crickets, pill bugs, sow bugs, silverfish, and spiders. Treatments applied to the perimeter of your residence four times a year keep these pests away. Special care is taken to reach around windows and cracks that are typical entry points.

Rodent Guard:

One of our RYAN experts visits your property to determine which type of rodent is present, and then selects the correct method to bait them away and keep them out. Our methods are effective on mice, rats, and voles, and of course, are safe for children and pets.

Mosquito Guard:

Mosquitoes are one of the most well-known and most annoying pests. Control them before they become a problem with RYAN’s Mosquito Guard. This treatment is applied to your flowers and plants and is safe for the environment, your family, and your pets.

Flea & Tick Control:

RYAN uses both granular and liquid treatments to eliminate disease-ridden fleas and ticks from your garden before they become a problem for your family. We apply treatments four times a year. Each application kills these insects for up to six weeks to keep your yard safe.

Mole Control:

No one wants moles tunneling through their yard as their burrows detract from the beauty of your lawn and disturb the roots of growing plants. A RYAN expert can identify the moles’ main run and effectively reduce their population.

We can help you choose the protection bundle that addresses your specific needs. Whether you have a problem with rodents, spiders, centipedes, or other insects, we can help. Our solutions are fast and effective so you can go back to enjoying your property in peace.

Tree & Plant Care

If you want a healthy and great-looking yard, you must take good care of your trees and plants. Regular care and maintenance are crucial to keep trees and plants in good health and to spot issues quickly so you can take action to save your plants before it is too late.

Pruning & Trimming

Overgrown or damaged trees are an eyesore. When they get too dense, the overabundance of shade blocks the sunlight from reaching your lawn. They are also dangerous as loose branches run the risk of injuries or damaging you or your neighbor’s property. Prevent these issues by hiring the pros at Ryan Lawn & Tree to handle trimming and pruning.

Regular pruning or removal of branches helps to control disease and keep your trees in good health. Our trimmers work together with ISA-certified arborists to identify the correct branches in need of trimming. Whether you have trees that have been damaged in a storm, or they simply require pruning from regular, healthy growth, we get the job done safely.

Plant Health Care

A proactive approach is the best way to keep your plants healthy. At RYAN, our experts are trained to identify signs of diseases and pest infestations. It’s possible for plants to become sick, especially when weakened by external forces or lack of proper nutrients. Common signs of a problem include:

  • Yellow or browning leaves
  • Dropping leaves or needles
  • Dying branches or twigs
  • Visible pests
  • Discoloration or black spots on leaves

If you notice any changes in your trees or plants, get an accurate diagnosis to address the problem quickly. Our RYAN Pros assess your situation and recommend a treatment plan to restore plant health and promote future healthy growth. We do this with a combination of fertilization, nutrient-rich injections into the tree trunk or soil, growth regulators, and pruning.

Insect & Disease Control

The presence of insects and diseases can make your trees and plants sick or even kill them. Pests like Japanese beetles feed on a variety of plants while the Emerald Ash Borer destroys ash trees. Bacteria and fungal diseases can also infect your shrubs and trees, spreading to new plants if left untreated.

New species of insects emerge each season that require specialized and targeted treatment. Our RYAN arborists have deep familiarity of St. Louis’ most common plant pests and most prevalent diseases to make a diagnosis and offer plans that focus on both immediate action and long-term care.

Some trees are prone to certain diseases or infestations. This makes it all the more critical to work with an arborist on treatment and prevention. Once we inspect your property, we’ll create a unique plan to keep your trees and plants healthy and safe all year round by pruning, using trunk and soil injections as necessary, and applying fertilizers and growth regulators.

Lawn Care

Proper yard maintenance involves more than just looking after your trees and other plants. Your lawn is an important focal point that deserves sustainable care and attention too.

At RYAN, we have a Signature Lawn Care Program developed through years of research and hands-on experience. This program is designed to address the specific needs of your lawn through seasonal fertilizer, weed control, and nutrient treatments, all while staying true to our promise of environmental stewardship.


Grass requires nutrients to grow and stay vibrant and lush. If you notice your lawn isn’t performing as desired, the soil may lack nutrients. Professional lawn fertilization services from RYAN work by restoring these crucial nutrients to support grass growth. We assign you a personal lawn manager to evaluate your lawn and create a fertilization schedule suited to your local weather conditions, along with your grass and soil type.

The fertilization program is a 7-step application process that keeps your lawn healthy all year. We use seasonal treatments such as:

  • Granular Pre-Emergent and Spring Fertilizer to prevent weeds.
  • Turf Builder Fertilizer and frequent watering in the summer to build a healthy lawn and keep weeds at bay.
  • Granular Fall Fertilizer to restore a tired and stressed lawn after the hot and dry summer months.
  • Granular Winter Fertilizer to feed your lawn nitrogen and prep it for fast growth the following spring.

All products used by RYAN are high-quality and produce real results to keep your lawn looking great.

Weed Control

Once weeds get going, they can quickly take over and deprive your grass of nutrients, air, and water. Take a proactive approach to keep lawn weeds away before they become established.

RYAN assigns you your very own lawn manager who takes the time to learn about your lawn. You’ll get targeted treatments and seasonal applications to keep weeds at bay with each passing season. We use a combination of liquid weed spray and fertilizers that promote grass growth while inhibiting weed growth.

Insect & Grub Control

grub-in-soil-of-front-lawnInsects and larvae cause a lot of lawn damage when left unchecked. Our insect and grub control program eliminates existing grubs and keeps new ones away.

The treatment program works on a variety of grubs and other insects, protecting your lawn from bugs that want to feast on the roots and impair healthy growth.

Let the Pros Help With Your Lawn, Pest, and Tree Services

RYAN has over 35 years of lawn care knowledge and experience. Our team of local experts at Ryan Lawn & Tree provide home owners of the St. Louis area with professional, environmentally conscious lawn and tree care. If you need help to eliminate a pest problem, restore your lawn, or simply to keep your yard in excellent condition, contact Ryan Lawn & Tree today for a Free Estimate. We are the company of choice to help you with these services and more in St. Louis and its surrounding areas.

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