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Summer Lawn Care Tips

keep-green-grass-during-summerSummer is here, which means the heatwaves are rolling in. It can be challenging to keep even the most robust lawn green under the blazing sun in 90+ degree temperatures. Make sure these hot, searing temperatures don’t cause your grass to wilt this summer with these four simple tips and tricks.

Keep Your Mower Blades Sharp

Make sure the blades on your mower are sharp. Clean cuts will ensure minimal water loss, while lawn cutting with dull mower blades can lead to shredded, torn, and ripped grass blades that leak precious moisture. Lastly, if at all possible, you will also want to wait for a cooler day to break out the mower, as this will also help minimize water loss (and save you from heatstroke!).

Water Deeply, Not Lightly

Light and frequent watering might seem like a good idea for a parched lawn. But the reality is that a deep watering two or three times a week works best, especially during intense summer heatwaves. Try to get your lawn 1.5 – 2 inches of water per week, watering in .5 inch increments, with at least a day in between sessions. Use a rain gauge to make sure you’re watering the proper amount.

Water In The Morning

Early morning watering is always a good idea. When you water your lawn during midday hours, heat temperatures are at their peak and the sun is at its highest point. Subsequently, a significant amount of water is lost to evaporation. So, you should water your lawn in the early morning when temperatures are cooler so more of that precious water will actually end up in the soil, which translates to greener grass. Keep in mind that night watering is a bad idea, as it makes grass more prone to disease.

If All Else Fails, Go Dormant

If you’re unable to tend to your lawns needs during the summer, consider letting the grass go dormant. It certainly isn’t the most visually appealing option but it may be necessary, especially if water conservation regulations make necessary watering infeasible. As long as the grass has been established for a few years and you irrigate it with 1” of water every 2 to 3 weeks throughout the dormancy period, your lawn should green up again in the autumn when temperatures cool down.

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