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Can You Remove Trees During Winter? The Answer is Yes!

There’s a common misconception that trees can’t be removed or pruned in the winter months.

When the branches are visible it is easier to diagnose the tree.

It’s easy to see why people think this. They’re spending less time outdoors, so yard work just isn’t on their minds. They think that the cold won’t be good for the wounds left by pruning. They also think it’s going to take forever to get the equipment on and off the yard because of the conditions.

But the fact is that winter can be the best time to have your trees removed or pruned with optimum efficiency.

So Here are 6 Reasons Why Winter Can be the Best Time of the Year for Tree Removal and Pruning:

  1. Better Assessment and Accuracy: Professionals can better see, assess, and access the tree structures and limbs. This allows for a more efficient diagnosis, which further allows for more precise, efficient pruning.
  2. No Damage to Flowers or Gardens: Because flowers and summer annuals aren’t around in the winter months, there’s no chance of causing damage.
  3. Less Damage to Ground: This is especially true for big jobs, such as tree removals and large pruning jobs. The frozen ground is harder, which allows for bigger equipment to be moved on and off the property with less damage than if it were done on soft earth.
  4. Low Chance of Spreading Disease: The insects and fungi that spread disease are either dead or dormant during the winter. When trees are pruned in the winter, they also produce less sap (which attracts insects) than in the warmer months. Combine these two facts, and you can see how disease is nearly impossible to spread in the colder months.
  5. In the winter there is a lower chance of spreading disease.Optimum Wound Closure: Pruning in the late winter provides a lower chance of spreading disease, as we’ve already covered. But if done at the right time, before spring really blossoms, the wounds from pruning will benefit from the accelerated healing process as the tree comes out of its dormant stage and into its budding stage. Ask our professionals when the best time for pruning your tree is!
  6. Easier Scheduling: As we’ve already stated, most people are less likely to have work done on their trees in the winter months. This means that if you choose this time of year for tree removal or pruning, there is more flexibility in scheduling and faster turnaround from phone call to completion! Plus, you get to take advantage of our 20% discount, effective through March!

Each tree should be assessed on an individual basis. If you’re wondering if now’s the right time to take care of your tree, give us a call to schedule a free assessment.

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