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What You Need to Know About Lawn Irrigation Systems

Importance of a Lawn Irrigation System

lawn-sprinkler-active-flowers-ryanRegular watering is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy, vibrant lawn. When you live in an area with fluctuating amounts of precipitation or dry spells, you need to commit to a watering schedule to keep your yard looking lush. This is especially true during the summer months when grass can begin to show signs of thinning and discoloration or other clear indicators that your lawn is in trouble.

Many people these days have busy schedules with work and family obligations that prevent them from devoting the time necessary for lawn maintenance. The good news is that a lawn irrigation system makes it easy to keep your lawn in excellent condition.

RYAN’s Professional Lawn Irrigation Services


An irrigation system inspection is critical to identify problems that interfere with your system’s performance and prevent water waste. RYAN technicians are trained in everything from sprinkler head adjustments to finding leaks in the pipes. Each inspection consists of the following:

  • A check of the pipes and lines for leaks and inefficient operation.
  • A close look at the sprinkler heads to spot leaks, rotation problems, and coverage issues.
  • Verification that the controllers use the proper settings to maintain a healthy lawn for the time of year.

Regular inspections are ideal to spot issues before they become major problems.


Get all the benefits of a custom-designed lawn irrigation system to keep your outdoor spaces looking gorgeous. RYAN systems consist of several components. The foundation of any system is the PVC pipes which are buried 2 to 6 feet underground. Plastic swing joints connect the sprinkler heads to the pipes. When it’s time to water, the sprinkler heads release water from the pipes to the lawn. Finally, the control box that allows you to adjust your irrigation system requires a power outlet and is normally placed in the garage. Some of the great features of RYAN irrigation systems include:

  • Designated zones that improve performance, optimize pressure and flow rate, and keep your irrigation system working effectively for years.
  • Sprinkles are arranged in head-to-head spacing to distribute water for optimal coverage and little waste.
  • Rain sensors monitor precipitation so your sprinklers only activate when your lawn needs water.
  • A control box, conveniently placed in your garage, gives you easy access to make manual changes. You can also access the controls from any location using the app on your smartphone.

The RYAN team can help you learn how to use your system and change the settings to reflect the watering needs of various plants depending on the season and exposure to the sun.

Maintenance & Repairs

The initial installation is just the first step. Studies have shown that a properly designed and installed irrigation system uses less water than a hose and sprinkler, but the key to having an efficient irrigation system in the long term is regular maintenance.

lawn-irrigation-system-maintenance-ryanFrequent checks are crucial to identify issues that require attention and to keep your irrigation system running smoothly. Some simple tips to ensure your system is working properly include checking your water pressure to make sure it falls within the 40 to 65 PSI range, checking for broken or missing sprinkler heads that might interfere with water distribution, and returning any skewed sprinkler heads back into the correct angle.

It’s also a good idea to schedule a preventative inspection once a year. RYAN technicians can pinpoint problems and conduct repairs for any brand of lawn irrigation system during customer Irrigation Audits. Some areas require annual backflow preventer testing, which our RYAN pros are licensed to complete. We also winterize sprinkler systems using the blow-out method to prevent damage from water freezing in the pipes.

Along with yearly maintenance, you should contact RYAN any time you suspect a leak, spot any signs of damage, experience low pressure, or notice your control box is malfunctioning. Our professionals are highly trained to diagnose any issues and to perform the appropriate repairs so your system is running as it should.


Outdated or damaged irrigation systems not only fail to keep your lawn in the best condition possible, but they could also cost you money in frequent repairs and high water bills. A lawn sprinkler upgrade is often the ideal solution to get a more efficient, cost-effective system. We can update an older lawn irrigation system by:

  • Upgrading to pressure-regulated heads to save up to one gallon of water per minute, reducing your water bill by about 30%.
  • Adjusting sprinkler head spacing and adding additional sprinkler heads to get even coverage without water waste. This approach can save 10% to 30% on your water usage.
  • Installing new pipes and sprinkler heads to correct poor design of an existing irrigation system and reach all areas that require watering.

Choosing one or more upgrades can make a huge difference in the performance and efficiency of your lawn sprinkler system.

Smart Irrigation Systems Create Healthy Lawns

Advances in technology have made it possible to upgrade lawn irrigation systems in exciting ways. Instead of relying on old-fashioned timers that deliver water even when it’s not needed, smart sensors and controllers allow you to use the internet to adjust your watering schedule as needed, from any location.

Benefits of Smart Irrigation Systems


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A smart irrigation system is a great investment that conserves water and has a number of useful features, such as:

  • A regular, hassle-free watering schedule
  • A healthy and lush lawn, flower beds, and other plants
  • Reduction in weeds, fungus, and plant diseases
  • Improved home value
  • Savings in time, money, and water usage

Your smart irrigation system can help you avoid overwatering your lawn by choosing customized settings that deliver water only when it’s needed. Automated smart systems are highly efficient, yet still give you the opportunity to easily make changes.

Advantages of the WiFi Smart Controller

Standard irrigation controllers require programming to set the watering schedule for each season. Getting a rain sensor installed triggers your system to skip a cycle if your area has received adequate rain, but all other changes require a manual adjustment.

wifi smart controller app

Photo courtesy of Hunter Industries Incorporated.

If you want more options for easy control and customizations, install a WiFi Smart Controller that connects to your home’s WiFi internet connection and enjoy the freedom and flexibility to adjust your sprinkler system as needed from nearly any location. Smart controllers adapt the irrigation schedule and run time based on temperature, rainfall, soil type, and other details that influence your lawn’s moisture needs. All you need to do is download the app onto your smartphone, set it up, monitor your irrigation system, and make adjustments any time you need.

With the app, you can customize your irrigation needs by setting up watering zones based on sun exposure, grass type, and other factors that influence water needs. Create a fixed, automated schedule for superior accuracy and efficient coverage, or adjust the watering schedule according to the current weather conditions to use less water.

You can also program your smart controller to check the local weather report and adjust the irrigation schedule to deliver the appropriate amount of water for the current conditions. This ensures that your lawn receives the correct amount of water without overusing it and spiking your water bill. Making the switch to a smart controller is simple. The process typically takes less than an hour and the savings you experience more than pay for the device.

Top Reasons to Choose RYAN for Your Lawn Irrigation Needs

Installing a smart lawn irrigation system is one of the best ways for homeowners to achieve an effortlessly healthy and beautiful lawn and landscape. However, if your current system isn’t working as intended, you could be paying too much money for high water bills, system repairs, and lawn maintenance. The best way to determine if your system is efficient and not wasting water resources and your hard-earned money is with a professional evaluation and upgrade from Ryan Lawn & Tree. There are many reasons you’ll be glad you chose RYAN.

Multiple Service Areas

RYAN Lawn & Tree has multiple locations throughout the Midwest. Service is available in the following areas:

Highly Trained RYAN Pros

Our RYAN Pros can evaluate your landscape to design the most efficient irrigation system to give you beautiful turf with minimal water usage. Choose to install a brand-new irrigation system or update your current one with any or all of the available features. Speak to one of our experts for recommendations.

Experience You Can Trust

At RYAN, we have been in the business of providing expert lawn care solutions to homeowners for more than 30 years. We have the experience needed to recommend the best system for your unique needs. Once installation is complete we also handle maintenance and upgrades to keep your system in perfect working order.

Our team consists of professional technicians, irrigation auditors, and certified backflow testers to make sure your sprinkler system is reliable and efficient. We are committed to helping all of our customers get a healthy and gorgeous lawn they love while saving water and enjoying reduced water bills. Request a Free Estimate from RYAN Lawn & Tree today to get started!

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