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Wichita Landscaping Services

Your lawn and landscaping are an extension of your home. You want them to look beautiful and make a great first impression on neighbors and visitors. If you’re short on time and can’t maintain a lush yard and gorgeous landscape, turn to the experts at RYAN. With over 35 years of experience, our local crews are passionate about keeping your yard looking great all year.

RYAN is known for our exceptional lawn care services ranging from aeration and seeding to fertilization and weed control. Our Wichita experts also offer hardscaping services, tree and shrub planting, full-season landscape maintenance, and an annual color rotation program to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful.

Wichita Landscaping Services

Your property is something to be proud of and enjoy, after all, it accents your home! However, you don’t want your lawn to be something that consumes all of your free time to keep it looking top-notch. Ryan Lawn & Tree offers various landscaping services so you can spend your weekends relaxing or entertaining friends and family.


walkway-mulch-stone-landscape-edgingRYAN’s landscape department specializes in hardscaping, where we design and create man-made features to complement and balance your yard’s living, growing elements. From outdoor patio fireplaces and custom BBQ kitchens to pergolas and retaining walls, you can trust our Wichita hardscape technicians to build an outdoor space you’ll love as much as your indoor living areas.

Tree & Shrub Planting

Trees and shrubs are a fabulous addition to your landscape. They provide a much-needed reprieve from the summer sun, absorb noise from busy roadways, provide privacy from your neighbors’, and bring stately height and dimension to your landscape. Their colorful, textured bark can also add stunning winter interest to your landscape when your perennial plants and flowers are done for the season.

landscaping-shrubs-mulchRYAN makes it simple and can even help you choose the perfect trees and shrubs for your yard! A consulting arborist will look at your space available, checking for sun exposure and soil type, and after discussing your goals, will provide specific recommendations.

Then, sit back and let the pros get to work!

Our experts will check for underground utilities, dig the planting hole, and set your new tree or shrub to the proper height. No need for you to do the back-breaking labor! We’ll straighten, stake and tie the plant, filling the planting hole completely to ensure your tree grows straight and tall. Then the area is mulched to help insulate the roots and improve water retention.

Everything is done according to ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) specifications. To ensure remarkable long-term growth, we’ll advise on best care practices for your new plant.

We provide the best tree service possible from start to finish. So, you’ll see us again in 12 months to perform a follow-up inspection. Your RYAN pro is dedicated to ensuring your tree survives planting and thrives in its new home!

RYAN’s Landscape Maintenance (RLM) Program

landscape-flowers-shrubs-imageRYAN loves offering the RLM program to help customers take excellent care of their home landscape. The RLM is a suite of time-sensitive service visits over the whole year to maintain perennial plants, shrubs, and trees. We draw on our knowledge and experience to prepare plants for the upcoming growing season, manage plant shapes and sizes, and keep planting beds pristine all spring, summer, and fall.

The landscape maintenance program consists of 5 planned visits strategically spaced throughout the year so your landscape always looks terrific.

  • February-April: We start the growing season by removing leaf clutter and spent perennial foliage. Woody plants are pruned to improve shape and remove dead or diseased branches. If needed, Grade A shredded cedar mulch is spread around plants. It is our favorite for staying put in windy south-central Kansas.
  • May-June: After your spring flowering shrubs are done blooming, we’ll come in and prune to encourage abundant floral bud development for gorgeous flowers next spring. We will also begin shaping hedge plantings for the season.
  • July-August: During the heat of summer, most plantings only need a light touch from our experts to keep everything pristine. We’ll scout for diseased or dead plants, wayward hedge growth, and spent canes while tidying up planting beds by dead-heading flowers.
  • September-October: Now that summer flowering plants are done for the season, our RYAN experts prune them, maximizing bud production and bloom set for the coming year. We’ll complete bed detailing and shape those hedges again—healthy hedges really grow through the summer!
  • November-December: This visit focuses on spring preparation work for those clients who choose to start it in the fall. We cut back ornamental grasses, remove perennial foliage, and tackle leaf cleanup. At this time, we will also aggressively prune large woody plants that have outgrown their place or intended purpose. Resizing them with hard pruning rejuvenates them, greatly extending their useful life.

During each visit, our experienced horticulturists go the extra mile by removing small yard debris, pulling and spraying weeds as needed, scouting beds for dead or diseased plants, and often bringing paper or waste receptacles from the street up to your home.

These little things make a difference and help set us apart! It’s easy to see that we care about keeping our clients’ home landscapes looking spectacular.

RYAN’s Annual Color (RAC) Program

The Ryan Annual Color (RAC) program is a new addition to our landscape services. It provides rotations of annual plants in summer or fall to increase curb appeal and highlight home landscape attributes.

The RAC program is a fantastic addition to your routine lawn care needs, allowing you to change the look of your flower beds seasonally. It is also the perfect backdrop for graduations, wedding receptions, or backyard parties.

Summer Annual Program

red-mulch-flower-bedThe summer annual program starts in May, as we amend your planting beds with compost and work with you to create an on-site, customized design. Drawing inspiration from hundreds of summer annuals, we plant a variety of ornamentals from tried-and-true petunias to exotic tropicals, all to accent your home’s entrance, water features, or specimen tree plantings.

But our summer annual program doesn’t end there!

All programs include the application of starter fertilizer to give your plants a boost of nutrition and ensure beautiful, vigorous flowers throughout the summer. After planting, all planting beds are mulched using a fine pine bark to improve soil drainage. Over time the orangish-red bark deepens in color to add to the aesthetic.

If you want mid-season help with your planting beds, we offer our customers three optional maintenance visits. During these visits, we check plants, remove weeds and dead flowers. We also offer replacement plants, additional fertilizer applications, and bed detailing.

Fall Annual Program

pumpkin-gord-autumn-landscapingWhether you’re decorating for your favorite holidays or want some color to brighten a dreary autumn landscape, the fall annual rotation is perfect! In late September, RYAN plants annuals in classic fall colors that homeowners adore in a design customized to your space and liking.

Along with a collection of seasonal plantings, we can also accent your home with pumpkins, gourds, straw bales, stalk materials, etc. Like the summer color program, after planting, we apply starter fertilizer for healthy plant growth and mulch using a fine pine bark that deepens to a complementary dark orangish-brown.

Wichita Landscaping Experts You Can Trust

As an industry leader, Ryan Lawn & Tree draws upon 35+ years of lawn care experience and knowledge to provide you with the best possible services! You know you’re getting the best quality work when you hire us!

Our experts are local, bringing first-hand knowledge of native plants, common plant diseases, and prevalent insects to every job in Wichita and the surrounding areas. They can quickly identify dollar-spot fungus in your lawn or aphids on your prized roses and know the best times of the year to apply fertilizers.

Whether you need lawn care services, help to design a new backyard patio, want to plant black walnut trees, or are interested in our annual color programs, contact Ryan Lawn & Tree today for a Free Estimate!

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