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Great lawns start with great seed! Let our RYAN Pros seed your lawn so that it grows thick, healthy, and uniform. We proudly offer lawn seeding services in Kansas City, Omaha, Tulsa, Overland Park, Wichita, Springfield, and St. Louis, MO.

Lawn Seeding

Seeding Creates an Even, Green Lawn

Are you not happy dealing with sections of your lawn looking bare, patchy, or unlike the rest of your lawn? Turn to RYAN Lawn & Tree to provide professional overseeding to your lawn. Our team will recommend the right type of turfgrass to match your current lawn and climate.


We use aerators and/or verticutters to incorporate the seed into the soil so it will germinate better. We also apply a starter fertilizer enhanced with the correct nutrient ratio and specialized plant-based hormones to maximize establishment and growth.

Benefits of Overseeding

The first defense against weeds is thick, healthy turf. Unfortunately, tall fescue doesn’t spread out across the lawn. If it becomes damaged from heat, drought, disease, traffic, dogs, utility trenching, whatever; it will not spread out and fill in those damaged areas. The only way to thicken up the lawn is to reseed it.


Seeding your lawn protects the environment. If you see spots on your lawn, you should be seeding it. Bare spots allow for soil erosion or for weeds to spring up. Soil erosion is the leading cause of nutrient pollution in our lakes, streams, waterways, and oceans. 

Seeding Services

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