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Lawn Irrigation Upgrades Kansas City

Are you wasting money with an inefficient irrigation system? Are your sprinkler heads missing portions of your property? Turn to RYAN Lawn & Tree to update and upgrade your irrigation system so that it runs efficiently and fully covers your Kansas City area lawn.

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Updating Existing Irrigation System

Do you have an old, inefficient irrigation system? Your RYAN Pro can turn your water-wasting irrigation system into a money saver. Here are some common upgrades:


Adding Pressure Regulated Heads Homeowners can save one gallon of water per minute by upgrading to pressure regulated heads – meaning a 30% reduction in water bills.


Adding & Adjusting Head Spacing This allows for even and thorough watering coverage without wasting water – saving between 10-30% of water usage.


Installing Additional Pipe & Heads This may be the best solution for a poorly-designed system that is not delivering water to the areas you need.

Lawn Sprinkler System Upgrades Kansas City

Recent technological advances have made irrigation systems “smarter.” Don’t rely on your old timer to run your system even if your lawn doesn’t need it. Upgrade to smart sensors and internet-connected controllers, so you can fine tune your sprinkler schedule from anywhere in the world.


Installing a Wi-Fi Smart Controller To automatically adjust your watering to your local weather conditions.


Adding a Rain Sensor To override your program settings by shutting off during periods of rainfall.

Kansas City

RYAN provides lawn sprinkler system upgrades for the Kansas City area. Give the experienced professionals at Ryan Lawn & Tree a call at (913) 381-1505 or schedule a quote.



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