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Top-Rated Lawn Care Services in Coweta, OK

Your Experienced & Local Lawn Maintenance Company in Coweta, OK

Are you in need of the best-rated Coweta lawn services? Ryan Lawn & Tree is the place to go. We are experts in caring for Coweta-area lawns, and we know exactly what your lawn needs to be green, healthy, and weed-free. Our services range from seeding, lawn aeration, mowing, weed control, planting, and more. With our vast experience, we offer our clients top-notch lawn care services, helping them achieve beautiful and enjoyable outdoors.

The Local Lawn Service Experts Since 1987

With 30 years in the lawn care industry, we have extensive knowledge of which types of grass, shrubs, and plant species work best in the Coweta climate and how to maintain them. Whether you need simple lawn care services or a year-round lawn care plan for your property, Ryan Lawn & Tree has your back. Our team entails skilled lawn professionals and is backed by top agronomists in the industry.

Ryan’s Signature Lawn Care Program

The Ryan Signature Lawn Care Program is an all-inclusive lawn care and landscape maintenance program that involves seasonal applications, fertilization, weed/insect control, and yard cleanup services. And since lawns vary from property to property, once you sign-up for the program, our team will customize the perfect program for your property and guide you on how to care for your Coweta lawn. The primary goal of the Ryan’s signature program is to keep your lawn in its tip-top shape through the seasons while ensuring you have an exceptional customer experience.

Tulsa, OK

Give Ryan Lawn & Tree a call at (918) 355-1525 or schedule a free Coweta lawn care quote online! We will leave you with a RYAN Signature Lawn that will stand out all year.



Serving Broken Arrow, OK, and The Tulsa Metro

Our Ryan Lawn & Tree branch location in Broken Arrow, OK allows us to better serve our neighbors throughout the Tulsa area.

See What Clients Are Saying

"We just moved into a house and the sprinkler system would not turn on. Ended up being an easy fix but I was glad the guy came anyway. The previous home owners were watering too much and too often. He got my system programmed better and fixed a few heads, so they sprayed in a better location.”

Nicole Kauffman | Google Review

“This is the first year we have used RYAN Lawn and Tree service. They have done such a great job on our lawn that we had them trim our trees as well. The trees look great! All the limbs and leaves were cleaned up with nothing out of place. I am highly satisfied!”

Becky Johnson | Google Review

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