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For the greenest grass in the neighborhood, trust RYAN’s Sand Springs lawn care services. Because our award-winning professionals are experts in local climate conditions, soil types, and turfgrass, we can fulfill all of your home landscaping needs. From seeding and aeration to pest control and lawn disease management, we’ve been providing quality science-backed lawn services since 1987. We know every yard is unique so every one of our lawn care services comes with a custom treatment plan. As an employee-owned company, our associates take pride in every job.

Enhance Your Family’s Outdoor Haven with Our Expert Lawn Care Services

Ryan Lawn & Tree is your go-to partner for creating a picturesque outdoor haven. We understand the importance of a well-maintained lawn, where families can gather, relax, and make lasting memories. Our professional lawn care services in Sand Springs cater to families who cherish outdoor time, whether hosting barbecues, enjoying patio festivities, playing games, or unwinding in a serene environment. Let our professionals take the burden off your shoulders, ensuring your lawn remains vibrant and healthy year-round with services like fertilization, weed control, aeration, and seeding. We’ll transform your outdoor space into a sanctuary for your family and friends to come together, enjoy the outdoors, and create cherished moments of a lifetime.

The Local Lawn Service Experts Since 1987

With 30 years of experience, we’ve learned to let knowledge guide us and dedication drive us. From mowing grass to laboratory soil analysis, we’ve fine-tuned every service through years of research, practice, and passion for improvement. Our staff includes agronomists, arborists, and skilled lawn technicians that ensure we have every tool we need to eliminate weeds, pests, and diseases while keeping your grass healthy. We’re not just here to work, either. We’re here to keep you informed.

Ryan’s Signature Lawn Care Program

Our Signature Lawn Care Program goes beyond trimming and cutting. We aim to give your lawn everything it needs to thrive. Depending on where you live in Sand Springs, this service includes seasonal applications for pest control, lawn fertility, and weed protection. Each customer’s Sand Springs lawn care plan is tailored to their needs based on an assessment from our knowledgeable experts. Not sure where to start? Take a look at the Ryan Lawn & Tree services available in Sand Springs.

Tulsa, OK

Give Ryan Lawn & Tree a call at (918) 355-1525 or schedule a free Sand Springs lawn care quote online! We will leave you with a RYAN Signature Lawn that will stand out all year.



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Our Ryan Lawn & Tree branch location in Broken Arrow, OK allows us to better serve our neighbors throughout the Tulsa area.

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