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Plant Health Services

Turn to the plant health experts for professional tree and shrub service!

Tree Fertilization

Tree Fertilization

Tree fertilization provides the nutrients your plants need to keep growing strong year after year.

Iron Injection

Iron Injection

Yellow leaves and visible dark green veins may be a sign your tree is suffering from an iron deficiency.

Disease Control

Disease Control

We can treat your infected plants and bring them back to life with a research-based, properly applied treatment plan.

Pest Protection

Pest Control

RYAN can develop a long-term plan to fight off japanese beetles, bagworms and other harmful pests.

Growth Management

Growth Management

Growth regulators can ensure your plants look great and grow healthy for years to come.

EAB Treatment

EAB Treatment

Don't let the Emerald Ash Borer kill your ash tree. Our Pros can protect your tree with our preventative treatment.

Tree Fertilization

Beautiful trees are no accident. For your tree to look it's best, we recommend a fertilization treatment to help promote healthy growth.

Disease Control

Trees and shrubs are prone to diseases and attacks from a host of invaders. Trust our arborists to create a preventative treatment program for your plants.

Pest Protection

Don't let pests like japanese beetles and bagworms plague your trees. Our certified arborists can diagnose and treat the pests that plague your plants.

EAB Treatment

The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive species of beetle that is destroying ash trees across the United States. RYAN can protect your tree with preventative treatments!

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Plant Health Experts You Can Trust

Our team of plant health experts have years of experience saving
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RYAN's Plant Health Process

When you hire a RYAN Pro, you know you are getting the best plant health care experts in the region! Our industry-leading four-step process includes:


A RYAN Pro will visit and assess your trees and shrubs to address your concerns and diagnose the problem.

Treatment Plan

We will develop a treatment plan specific to your plants needs and discuss it with you.


A RYAN Pro will implement the treatment plan that may include individual applications or renewable treatments.


We will monitor progress of the treatment, ensuring we meet the goals we set and exceed your expectations.

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