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Tree Planting

Looking to plant the perfect tree to complement your home and landscape? You don’t have to wait for Arbor Day! Invest in your home and let RYAN Lawn & Tree help you choose and install the perfect trees for your property!

Finding the Right Tree for the Right Spot

When it comes to selecting the right tree for the right place in your yard, you can count on your RYAN Pro. You’ll want to ask and answer several questions when choosing the right tree, including:

  • How tall will the tree grow?
  • What shape is the tree
  • What berries, nuts or seeds might it drop?
  • How much sun will it be exposed to?
  • What is the soil composition?

Our consulting arborists will visit your home, review your goals, and make recommendations specific to your location and conditions. 

Favorite Midwest Types of Trees to Plant

Here are a few of our favorites types of trees that thrive in the variant cold winters and hot summers of our Midwest locations:


Shade Trees:
  • Bald cypress
  • ‘Princeton’ American elm
  • Red oak
Unique Lawns:
  • ‘Frontier’ elm
  • Zelkova
  • American hornbeam
Flowering Trees:
  • Crab apple
  • Japanese tree lilac
  • Serviceberry
Landscape Beds:
  • Japanese maple
  • Kousa dogwood
  • Eastern redbud

Best Time to Plant a Tree

Because Ryan Lawn & Tree only plants balled, burlap-wrapped and container trees, we are able to successfully plant your tree anytime throughout the growing season. We’ll show you how and help you properly care for your newly planted tree including watering instructions and watching for transplant shock. Ideally, we aim to give your tree’s root system a chance to become established in your yard before temperatures become too extreme. 

Ensure Proper Tree Planting

When planting either a small tree or a more mature container tree, you must take care to follow proper steps for planting to ensure your tree survives and thrives in its new home including:

  • Checking for and marking underground utilities.
  • Digging the planting hole at an optimal depth and width.
  • Planting tree at the proper height, with trunk flare visible.
  • Properly straightening, staking and tying tree.
  • Removing packaging and filling the hole firmly.
  • Adding mulch around the tree.

Caring for Your Newly Planted Tree

Planting a new tree is just the beginning. You must care for your new tree by keeping the soil moist at all times, but not waterlogged. A soaker hose placed at the base of the tree works well for watering your newly planted tree. Your local tree Pros at RYAN will plant the new trees and plants according to ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) specifications. We will provide advice on watering and maintenance for your specific location to promote your new plants’ health and long-term growth. You can expect your RYAN Pro to perform a follow-up inspection in 12 months to see how your new tree performs.

Expert Tree Planting Services Available At Ryan Lawn & Tree

Considering adding new trees or plants to your property? Let our RYAN Pros help. Just like the quality lawn care services we offer, our professional arborists have the answers you need when it comes to selecting and planting trees in your lawn or landscape. Chat online or request an estimate and get started creating a beautiful outdoor oasis at your home.

Professional Tree Planting Landscaping Portfolios

Let Ryan Outdoor Living transform your backyard or front yard with a professional tree planting landscape design that can include tree planting around patios, pergolas, next to flower beds, and much more!
View our gorgeous Featured and Landscaping portfolios with tree planting related projects!

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