Mosquito Control

The Mosquito Guard program is a service that provides excellent results against potentially disease harboring mosquitoes.

Mosquito Control

Would you like to be able to relax in your own backyard – but instead are attacked by mosquitos every time you set foot in your yard?

Are you concerned about the diseases that are transmitted by mosquitos – to people and to pets – and instead would like to rid your yard of them?

Are you planning a graduation party, a neighborhood get-together, a cookout or any outdoor event in your yard – but don’t want to invite the mosquitos?

Mosquito Control that is Long Lasting

Each application will last up to 4 weeks, so your Mosquito Guard keeps protecting your yard between applications.

Ryan’s Lawn & Trees’ Mosquito Guard to the Rescue

Our Mosquito Guard program lets you stay ahead of the mosquitos – eliminating them before they get a foothold in your yard.

Our Mosquito Guard program involves:

  • your licensed Ryan Mosquito Pro will inspect your entire property, and advise you on steps you can take to reduce mosquito populations (for example – eliminating anything that contains standing water)
  • we then spray foliage areas and other mosquito breeding grounds around your home — targeting each application to only the affected areas
  • we avoid flowering plants/flowers in bloom and other plants that are sensitive to the application
  • depending on the level of your mosquito infestation, we will do up to 7 applications/year of Mosquito Guard – to ensure full coverage and to stay ahead of these pesky invaders

Mosquito Control That is Safe for People and Pets

Mosquito Guard is 100% safe for people and for pets – and it is environmentally safe as well.  

The only thing that is not safe from Mosquito Guard is…mosquitoes!

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