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Sparker Landscaping Is Now Ryan Outdoor Living!

Ryan Outdoor Living is a team of landscaping professionals who can help you transform your lawn space into a place your friends and family will enjoy for years to come.

Our goal is to bring the outdoors alive with beautiful outdoor kitchens, patios and landscapes. We service both commercial and residential properties and all of this is done with Ryan timing, quality and professionalism.


Don’t let your landscape disappear just because the sun goes down. Even a few carefully selected and installed lights can make a huge difference in the way you see, enjoy, and use your property after dark.

When planned and designed properly, outdoor lighting can be an invaluable addition to your landscape.

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Patios are an essential piece for most outdoor living spaces. But less-than-ideal concrete patios and decks don’t always offer inviting spots for relaxation. By transforming your patio you can help bring life outdoors.

Trust our Ryan Pros to help you create a patio that looks great and is functional for all your outdoor needs.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are a fantastic addition to any outdoor living space. Fire pits mesmerize, warm and relax us. Start a fire in your backyard and watch the party move outdoors.

Don’t let cooler temperatures ruin your outdoor enjoyment. With a backyard fire pit, you can extend the use of your outdoor living space well into the fall and winter.

Fire Pit


Too much of even a good thing like water can create problems. Plants need air, and water standing too long can cause a plant’s roots to suffocate.

Trust the Pros to help correct any draining and/or water flow issues your property may have.

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