Outdoor Pest Control

Ryan Lawn & Tree's outdoor pest control services are both curative and preventive, and can address many different types of pests. We have specific applications for flea and tick control, rodent control, grub worm control, and mole control.

Ryan Lawn & Tree can protect your home with our very effective and popular Insect Barrier service. Insect Barrier is a series of treatments that provide an insect shield around your home, reducing the number of insects such as ants, millipedes, centipedes, pill bugs, sow bugs, silverfish, cockroaches, a variety of crickets, and many types of spiders.

Outdoor Pest Control

Do you have problems with ants, millipedes, centipedes, pill bugs, sow bugs, silverfish, cockroaches, crickets, spiders, or other creepy critters?

Or are fleas and ticks – and the diseases they carry – becoming a worry for you?

Or perhaps your problem is with bigger critters – mice, voles, rats, chipmunks, or other small rodents?

If so, it’s time to call Ryan Lawn & Tree to talk to one of our Pest Control Specialists.

Our outdoor pest control services include insect barrier, flea & tick control, rodent guard, grub control, and mole control.

Insect Barrier

Your Ryan Pest Control Specialists can protect your home by applying a series of treatments that provide an invisible shield around your home, reducing the number of pests such as ants, millipedes, centipedes, pill bugs, sow bugs, silverfish, cockroaches, crickets and spiders.

To ensure full coverage, Ryan’s Insect Barrier program consists of 4 treatments, applied in the spring (April), early summer (June), late summer (August) and fall (October).

Our Pest Control Specialists treat around the perimeter of your home, around windows and doors, in cracks and crevices. We know where these creeping critters live – and our preventive pest control eliminates them before they come into your home.

Flea & Tick Control

Beyond being just a nuisance, fleas and ticks carry a host of diseases that can affect people and pets. Lyme Disease, for example, is transferred through the bite of ticks infected with the Borrelia burgdoferi bacterium.

To protect you, your family and your pets, Ryan’s Flea & Tick Control treatments include laying down a granular product that is applied 4 times per year. The product is 100% safe for all people and pets, and it is effective in killing fleas and ticks for up to 6 weeks.  We find that our granular applications are more effective than the flea and tick yard sprays other companies use.

Rodent Guard

If your pest problem involves larger pests, such as mice, voles, rats, or other small rodents, we provide outdoor rodent control to humanely eliminate these potentially damaging pests.

Learn exactly how we install and safely implement the rodent control system and rid you of these pests by watching our video.

Grub Worm Control

‘Grubs’ is the general name for the larvae stage of a number of different types of insects. Beetle larvae are known to be especially damaging to lawns, as they hatch and grow in the root layer of your lawn. Their favorite activity is to feast on the roots of your lawn – often killing large patches of turf and leaving the sod brown and easy-to-disconnect from the soil below it.

While getting rid of grubs can be a difficult process, Ryan’s Grub Control program provides both a curative product (that gets rid of existing grubs) as well as a preventative product (the keeps grubs from forming in the first place and extends over a longer period of time).

Once the grubs are gone, your lawn can return to being a healthy, lush lawn. Our Lawn Care Services can help.

Mole Control

Moles are a high energy mammal that can quickly tunnel through your yard and cause an array of problems. We can effectively reduce the moles on site in a timely manner, giving you back control of your lawn. Learn how we identify a mole run and we’ll even clarify some common misconceptions of moles by watching our video.

This service reduces the moles present at the time of application. There is a possibility that more visits will be needed throughout the year, as other moles may enter your lawn.      

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